Olivia Frazer Opens Up About How Married At First Sight Made Her “Really, Really Depressed”

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Married At First Sight may be well and truly over, but the drama isn’t slowing down any time soon. Bride Olivia Frazer has come forward and blasted the show and some of the participants. 

Appearing on the Where’s Your Head At? podcast, the former teaching student, who lost her job after her villain edit on the series, admitted to being “really, really depressed” because of the show.

“I’ve never had depression like this,” she told hosts Anna McEvoy and Matt Zukowski. “I’ve honestly never been this close to — sorry to get a bit graphic — really thinking about taking my own life.”

Olivia credited her “husband” Jackson Lonie, who she’s living with in Newcastle, for helping her get through the difficult time. 

“To have Jack be my absolute anchor [through this], I think it speaks to the relationship and the man he is,” she said. 

Frazer is currently unemployed after revealing in March that she was let go from her job “as a direct result” of the show. However, she changed her tune during the podcast and said she was forced to resign. 

“So it was a situation where it was, ‘We need you to resign or other things are gonna have to happen here’,” Olivia said. “[But] they loved me. They did everything they could to keep me. Unfortunately, where I was working — I won’t get into it too much — but it’s a place that’s got its own troubles in the press so it doesn’t need the pile on that is Olivia Frazer.”

Later in the interview, Frazer claimed her negative portrayal on the reality show was because of editing and manipulative producers, revealing that most of the cast were certain Domenica Calarco would be branded the show’s “villain.”

“I never said anything that wasn’t warranted, and I had a lot of support from the majority of the group for a good reason,” Olivia said. “People aren’t stupid. Our castmates … Most of them are intelligent, compassionate people and they had my back for good reason.

“Everybody [thought Domenica was going to be the villain]. We thought that’s what she was there to do.”

She continued by saying she had heard that Domenica and Jack spoke to 2021 MAFS contestants Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson for advice on handling public scrutiny. Apparently, the couple strongly believed they would be the season’s new villains.

“This is allegedly, but they were seeking advice from former cast members,” Olivia said.

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