Remembering Olivia Newton-John: A Look Back at the Grease Star’s Love Life

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As the world mourns the loss of legendary actress and singer, Olivia Newton-John, we’re looking back at the life she lived.

With a career spanning almost 60 years, most of Olivia’s life was spent in the spotlight

The artist won the hearts of everyone worldwide with her soulful voice and beautiful personality.

However, while her professional life thrived, her personal life was often filled with heartbreak.

She was married twice and was in a relationship with others — one whom went missing and was never found.

Let’s look back at Olivia Newton-John’s past relationships.

Ian Turpie

Olivia and actor Ian Turpie first crossed paths in 1965, when she was just 16 years old.

The pair starred alongside one another in her first ever film, Funny Things Happen Down Under, and went on to date after filming was over.

Despite it not lasting, the two remained good friends up until Ian’s passing in 2012.

Olivia was reportedly at his bedside during his final days, and considers him to be her first true love.

Bruce Welch

Olivia and British rockstar Bruce Welch met in 1968 when she was the supporting act for his band, The Shadows.

In what many would consider a whirlwind romance, the two were engaged shortly after they met.

They went on to have a five-year relationship but didn’t end up tying the knot, with Olivia eventually choosing to call it quits.

Following the breakup, Bruce attempted suicide, but thankfully, he survived.

Lee Kramer

Olivia’s next great love was Lee Kramer. The pair met in 1973 while holidaying in the south of France.

“We met, and that was that. I hustled my way back on the same airplane as hers at any cost,” he told Rolling Stone in 1978.

When they met, Lee worked for a business with his brother that imported and exported cowboy boots.

However, he chose to relocate and act as Olivia’s manager after started their relationship.

The pair chose to split in 1976 after the constant business discussions began to wear out the relationship.

“She never dated anyone else or anything, and neither did I,” Lee told Rolling Stone.

“We still spoke, and she called me for counselling on her life, and me the same way.”

Matt Lattanzi

Dancer Matt Lattanzi was the first man Olivia would go on to marry after meeting on the set of Xanadu.

The former couple tied the knot and remained married for 10 years, during which they welcomed their daughter Chloe Rose Lattanzi in 1986.

When Olivia was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992, Matt stood by her side.

“He was so supportive of her,” said Tottie Goldsmith, Olivia’s niece, about her aunt’s marriage to Matt.

The pair eventually parted ways, with Tottie saying their differences couldn’t be reconciled.

“The people she chooses to mix with now are very spiritual,” Tottie said at the time. “She needs to find her equal.”

Patrick McDermott

After her marriage to Matt ended, Olivia went on to date Hollywood cameraman and lighting technician Patrick McDermott.

The pair began dating in 1996; although multiple people have claimed the couple were on and off.

Things took a turn for the worse, however, after Patrick went missing while on an overnight fishing trip in California.

Olivia confirmed that they were no longer together at the time of his disappearance and that it was his ex-wife, Yvette Nipar, who reported him missing.

Patrick has never been found and is presumed dead, although there has been some speculation that he faked his own death.

John Easterling

A year after Patrick’s disappearance, Olivia began dating John Easterling.

“I dated a little bit, but I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with him and then bam!” Olivia told People in 2016.

“We met at an environmental show where I was displaying my botanicals. Olivia and a couple of mutual friends came to the show,” John told Australian Woman’s Health in 2018.

The two tied the knot shortly after, with John remaining by her side until her very last moments.

With the help of John, Olivia set up the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre.

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