The Summit: Olympia Valance Opens Up About Life’s Struggles


You might know her as the glamorous actress from your TV screen, but there’s more to Olympia Valance than meets the eye. Despite the red carpets and picture-perfect posts on social media, Olympia unveils the reality of her journey, and it’s one that has been marked by both triumphs and tribulations.

Sure, you’ve seen her as Paige Smith in Neighbours and Tahlia Woods in Playing for Keeps. But behind those roles lies Olympia’s own journey.

“I use social media for pretty things — pretty dresses, pretty makeup — but it’s superficial,” she shared. “No one really knows what my life is like behind closed doors.”

In a candid revelation, Olympia opened up about the heartbreak of experiencing miscarriages, the difficult journey of trying for a baby, and now navigating the path of IVF.

“My life isn’t all red carpets and parties,” she admitted.

“Hopefully People See the Real Me”

Despite her glamorous image, Olympia is heading into the challenge of The Summit with humour and humility, and admits she’s never hiked a day in her life.

“I think this adventure will show people who I really am,” she said. “People always meet me and say, ‘Oh, I thought you would be a bitch!’ But hopefully, people will see the real me out here.”

As she embarks on this uncharted territory, Olympia is ready to confront her own vulnerabilities, and acknowledges her weakness for people-pleasing and how this will impact the challenge of potentially having to vote others out. Yet, amidst the uncertainty, she’s determined to reveal her authentic self and challenge the misconceptions that surround her.

So, as Olympia Valance steps off the red carpet and into the rugged terrain of The Summit, one thing is clear: behind the glamour and glitz lies a woman of resilience, humour, and unwavering authenticity — a woman ready to show the world the true essence of who she is.

The Summit airs on Sundays at 7.00pm and continue Monday and Tuesday at 7.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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