Apparently, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry Don’t Have ‘Enough’ Sex Now That They’re Parents

Katy Perry
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There’s never too much information when it comes to Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry — and they don’t think so either.

In a new interview with The Guardian, Bloom gave some insight into his relationship with fiancée Katy Perry, now that they have their new daughter Daisy Dove Bloom.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star revealed that after their daughter’s birth in August 2020, the couple haven’t had as much sex as he would like.

In a series of rapid-fire questions, he was asked: “How often do you have sex?”

“Not enough — we just had a baby, though,” the actor responded.

Bloom also spoke about who he considers the “greatest love” of his life, listing 10-year-old son Flynn (whom he shares with Australian model Miranda Kerr) as well as Daisy, Perry and his dog Mighty, who passed away in July last year.

Another interview with British newspaper, The Times, also provided great insight into Bloom’s daily routine which consists of brain oil, Buddhist chanting and marvelling at the beauty of cows.

Bloom called the routine “quite LA”, starting off by waking up at 6.30 am, checking his “smart ring sleep tracker” and then likes to “earn breakfast” by drinking a concoction of green powders that he blends with “brain octane oil, collagen powder for (his) hair and nails and some protein”.

While each to their own, Bloom puts his daily habit down to being “a Capricorn, so I crave routine”.

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