The “Paper Girls” Cast Address the Possibility of a Season 2

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Prime Video’s adventure series “Paper Girls” has something for everyone: coming-of-age stories, complicated friendships between girls, sci-fi wars, time travel, and much more. The eight-episode first season has gotten plenty of buzz, but will that be enough to bring it back for season two?

Right now, it’s still a little too early to tell. The first season only started streaming on July 29, so it’ll probably be well into fall before Prime Video makes an announcement one way or another. “Paper Girls” is based on a 30-issue comic-book series, so there’s definitely plenty more material to explore for future seasons of the TV adaptation if it gets the green light.

How Does “Paper Girls” Season 1 End?

“Paper Girls” season one ends on a cliffhanger that lends itself to the story continuing into a second season, even though it’s not assured. After a season full of time travel, devastating secrets, and warring factions, the main quartet – Tiffany, Erin, Mac, and KJ – face new challenges and find themselves split up before the credits roll.

Tiffany and Erin escape from the Old Watch and travel through a folding to try to get home. The only problem is, when they land, they’re not in 1988 – they’re in 1974, a couple of years before they were even born. Meanwhile, KJ and Mac believe that they’re headed back to 1988 themselves, but things usually aren’t quite what they seem on this show.

The “Paper Girls” Cast’s Quotes About a Possible Season 2

The stars of the show, at least, are very excited about exploring their characters further if they get to return for another season.

“I think it’ll be interesting to see how the dynamic will adapt or alter or maybe even change when the girls possibly or not possibly reunite,” Camryn Jones, who plays young Tiffany, told Hollywood Life. “I would love to see how [Tiffany’s] relationship would grow with Erin since they are going to be together. . . . I would love to see how her relationship grows with the other two girls after. But I would also really love to see comic elements that weren’t utilized in season 1 be present in season 2.”

Sofia Rosinsky, who plays young Mac, also hopes to reveal new sides to her character in a potential second season. “She adopted this shell for the environment around her at home. She has a very rough home life,” Rosinsky said in an interview with Collider. “She’s had to be very strong to survive all that, and I think that it’s interesting that based on the good, positive influence these girls have had on her, and also just this information that she finds out, she’s able to let that go a little bit and actually explore who she wants to be and who she knows she is behind that shell, and I think just seeing her sense of humour come through and seeing her character change – she has a beautiful arc and I just am looking forward to exploring that hopefully.”

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