There Are False Pregnancy Rumours About Paris Hilton and She’s Not Having It

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Paris Hilton is officially taking control of her own narrative.

Currently in the midst of press for her upcoming Netflix show Cooking With Paris, she woke up this morning to headlines that read ‘Paris Hilton is Pregnant with Triplets’ and an influx of texts congratulating her.

“All my iPhones are blowing up,” she said on her This is Paris” podcast, “all five of them.”

“Yes, I’m pregnant with triplets. Thank you so much for the congratulations,” Hilton says, with a cute laugh.

“Just kidding.”

One thing that we know and love about Paris Hilton, is her eagerness to be open and share every aspect of her life with her fans.

She’s spoken openly about undergoing IVF treatment this past January and continues to share her excitement about having children in 2022, after her wedding to her fiancé, Carter Reum.

“I can’t wait to have children in 2022,” Hilton said on her podcast, telling fans that her wedding dress is currently being made and she “wants to make sure it looks gorgeous and fits perfectly”, which means she’s definitely not trying to get pregnant right now.

Although it’s unclear where these rumours came from, Paris is pretty sure that her Paris Hilton push-up bra is the culprit. She recently wore her new Paris Hilton push-up bra from her lingerie collection out to dinner with her fiancé, Carter, at Nobu in Malibu.

I mean, the babe can design a push-up bra, because this one makes her boobs look juicy AF, and we love to see it. Her dress was also pretty flowy, which is why she’s almost certain that the media took these photos and ran with the pregnancy story.

We all know that Paris Hilton is a seasoned professional when it comes to being in the limelight, but although she’s used to reading rumours about herself, she still finds that having a super personal story falsely reported, is tough.

“I’m used to it, but I don’t think it should happen,” Paris tells Variety.

“I think people should be more responsible with what they put out into the world.”

In an article by Variety, Paris says that when she started out in the entertainment business in her teens, her mum would tell her not to respond to false tabloid reports, because it would draw unnecessary attention. But now, in 2021 and as a 40-year-old businesswoman, Paris feels that it’s important to speak up.

Especially in this current #FreeBritney movement and in the aftermath of #MeToo, we couldn’t agree more.

“I just feel like it’s important to tell the truth. People shouldn’t just get away with making up stories,” Hilton tells Variety. “I was just wearing a pushup bra for my new lingerie line — I thought it was making me look sexy, but I guess they thought I was pregnant.”

Social media has absolutely changed the game for women in Hollywood, as we’ve seen throughout the past few years, as it’s given them a platform and a voice, where they can speak their truths as they’re happening and gain support.

It’s pretty amazing to see that through one nine-minute podcast episode, Paris Hilton is able to shift the false narrative attempted by media tabloids back to her actual truth.

Rather than taking over prime spots in publications, being blasted at newsstands and erupting beyond repair, the headlines suggesting that Paris Hilton was pregnant, lasted for less than 24 hours.

The ability to have that control over the press, is an incredible development in our technological world, especially for women.

“I think it’s incredible that I can just talk to you guys, instead of the media controlling my narrative, as they have for many, many years,” Paris says on her “This is Paris” Podcast.

We’re so about this era of women taking control of their narratives. It’s inspiring to see the change unfold before our very eyes, where men in powerful positions and media tabloids with untrue intentions are being called out for their behaviour.

Money, power and influence are no longer able to cover up bad behaviour.

In 2021, we’ve lived through the epic #MeToo era that opened up the gateway for women’s stories, experiences and voices and now, we care about nothing except the truth.

And it’s about time.

You can watch Cooking with Paris on Netflix from August 4.

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