Here is Everything That Has Happened In Our Love-Island Style Sims Reality Show So Far

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Things are getting exciting on POPSUGAR Island, as The Sims step away from their everyday lives to experience new passions and desires on the stunning beaches of Sulani. Despite only being two episodes in, the contestants are discovering things about themselves and making life-changing decisions.

POPSUGAR Island is a place where the Sims can identify parts of themselves they never thought existed, and as they create and inspire, we’re are being taken along for the ride, as we follow them through their journey of transformation.

What Happened in Episode 1?

the sims jayden

In the first episode, we’re introduced to Jayden, a star athlete who has countless accolades under his belt. But despite his success, The Sim has never quite felt like a winner. Taking a break from his career, Jayden took a trip to POPSUGAR Island where he attempts to find his true calling.

Nervous and excited, entering the villa is the first time Jayden has had a break from his star-studded lifestyle. Surrounded by supportive Sims, the change of atmosphere clearly does him some good. During a classic campfire jam, Jayden shows off his guitar skills, a talent that not only surprised his fellow Sims but also himself.


The spontaneous moment caused the athlete to reflect on his life and brought new emotions to the surface. The next morning, he decides to try out a new look, adding punk clothing to match his musical skills. The makeover was welcomed by everyone in the villa, and for the first time in a long time, Jayden feels comfortable in his own skin.

It didn’t take long for him to embrace his new passion, as he ditches the activewear and opts for ripped jeans and studs instead. There’s never a dull night in the villa, because not only does Jayden start to write his own music, but he’s in charge of the music playlist, creating the best vibes to end the night.

What Happened in Episode 2?

hayley popsugar island

After a whirlwind first episode, we couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. In episode two, we’re given a look into Hayley’s life. A small-town girl, living on a farm that she’s never stepped foot out of. Despite being sheltered for most of her life, the Sim is ready to tackle the world, which is why, when the opportunity to star on POPSUGAR Island comes around, she jumps at it.

It wasn’t easy to leave behind her animals and her quaint lifestyle, but the bookworm knows that if she wants to experience the outside world, she’s going to have to step out of her comfort zone. Despite feeling overwhelmed, Hayley is excited, and once she’s given a taste of the island, she can’t help but want more.

But she’s not aiming for something small, instead, she’s literally reaching for the stars. It may seem far-fetched, but Hayley’s dream of going to space is an ambition that her fellow Sims in the villa support wholeheartedly.

hayley popsugar island

Of course, in true Hayley fashion she begins to read and research life as an astronaut. It may seem terrifying, but she knows this is her true calling. As she says goodbye to the villa and all the amazing friends she has made during her stay, her heart feels content and she couldn’t help but feel grateful that she took that initial step outside her farm.

POPSUGAR Island is just getting started and there are still two episodes to go. To catch up on all the Islanders’ journeys, you can watch the entire season of the reality show right here, on POPSUGAR Australia. And if you’d like to take your turn finding yourself with The Sims 4, you can find all the information you need right here.

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