Priyanka Chopra Jonas Talks About Her Role in Prime Video’s Spy-Thriller Series ‘Citadel’

Priyanka Chopra Jonas Talks About Her Role in Amazon's

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has been making waves in the entertainment industry for years, and her latest project, Prime Video’s “Citadel”, promises to be her most thrilling yet. The landmark, high-stakes drama is executive produced by the Russo Brothers’ entertainment company AGBO, with David Weil as showrunner. It stars Richard Madden alongside Chopra Jonas, with Stanley Tucci and Lesley Manville also making appearances.

The show follows Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh, former members of the independent spy agency Citadel. They have no memory of their time at Citadel and lead anonymous lives as totally different people. That’s until their old colleague recruits them once more. The series promises to be a thrilling ride, full of surprises and twists.

The first season will consist of six episodes. The first two will premiere on Prime Video on April 28, followed by a new episode every Friday.

The Russo Brothers’ AGBO and showrunner David Weil, and stars Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas from Citadel.
Amazon Prime Video

In a recent press conference, Chopra Jonas spoke about the series. She described it as having “so many layers and complexities” and being “conceptually crazy.” 

“There’s a word that we used from the beginning which was duality for every character. What you see is what you don’t get. Don’t believe what you see,” she said. 

“Everything is just conceptually crazy. And it’s just so exciting to be able to share it with the world because it’s been a long time in the making because it’s so ambitious.”

The 40-year-old also discussed the challenges of playing her character, Nadia Sinh. She described her as having to navigate “really thick waters” and carry a lot of emotional baggage.

“She [Nadia] has to hold her head up high while her character’s changing, her life is changing all around her. But she has to stay centered because of the burdens that she carries,” she admitted.

“I think that that makes her just very juicy as a character for me to play. Every choice that is made by her is burdened and laden by so much pressure. And she thrives in it, so it was really wonderful.”

Chopra Jonas also spoke about the non-linear nature of the show. The cast had to constantly remind each other of the story and work together to piece together the puzzle. Despite the challenges, she described the experience as “so much fun.”

“You’re kind of going back and forth, and we had to remind each other of the story. It was like a big jigsaw puzzle that we had to remember,” she said.

With a star-studded cast and an ambitious concept, “Citadel” is sure to be one of the most talked-about series of the year. Fans of Chopra Jonas and Madden will undoubtedly be eagerly anticipating its release, and the promise of spin-offs set in different countries only adds to the excitement.

As Chopra Jonas said, “I’m very excited about it.” And after watching the trailer, it’s hard not to feel the same way.

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