Sky Rompiendo Is Stepping Out on His Own After Years of Producing Reggaeton Hits

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Recently, the masterminds behind reggaeton’s biggest stars and hitmakers have been coming into their own as artists. Last year, music producer Dímelo Flow released his debut album, “Always Dream.” In June, producer Tainy also dropped his debut album, “Data.” And now, Sky Rompiendo (real name Alejandro Ramírez Suárez) – one of the most in-demand Latin music producers of the past decade and the genius behind artists like J Balvin, Karol G, Maluma, and Feid – is shifting his focus from working behind the scenes to creating his own record. It’s a move that has been long in the making, but for Rompiendo, the timing has been everything.

“I was inspired by all these producers like Pharrell, Timbaland, and Scott Storch – that whole movement of them eventually putting their faces up front and being more present in the scene versus not just always being behind the scenes,” Rompiendo tells POPSUGAR. “I always liked that vibe, but I felt it had to be at the right time when I’ve already achieved a lot and gained respect from my colleagues in the industry. Now is the perfect time for that. I thought of the strategy. I thought of how I wanted to show myself.”

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And he is emerging. Earlier this year, the Colombian producer dropped “Uno de Eses Gatos” with San Senra. Over the summer, he released a track in collaboration with Feid and Myke Towers titled “El Cielo,” which quickly became a hit. The single debuted at No. 34 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs. On Friday, Oct. 26, Rompiendo dropped his latest track, “Crush,” along with its new music video in collaboration with Dei V and Arcángel. The song highlights a man who is completely sprung over a woman and wants nothing more than to spoil her.

“The song isn’t so much about just having a crush on somebody. . . . We’re talking about a person who is tired of the same bullsh*t, of doing the same thing and being in the same places – like basic sh*t. Like there’s a line in the song that says, ‘Porque está cansá de ir a comprar en Ross.’ She’s tired of that life,” Rompiendo explains. “So here comes Dei V, who’s like, ‘OK, so if you want to have fun and travel, come hang with me.’ And then comes Arcángel at the end of the song to top it off, and he’s like, ‘Mami, if you want to have nice things, if you want to have money, if you want to travel, you can either work or you can find yourself a man like me.'”

With three tracks released this year, Rompiendo is still very much focused on his album and is in no rush to drop it.

“I’m working on my first album and I’m treating it as it is – my first debut album. I’m giving it the respect and the time it needs.”

“I’m working on my first album and I’m treating it as it is – my first debut album. I’m giving it the respect and the time it needs,” he says. “I’m going to the studio every day, and I’m on the lookout. I have some songs I already love that I’m putting on the album. My laptop is full of songs that I don’t want to push for the record because I want to do everything from scratch.”

One thing Rompiendo says we can expect from the record? A surprise guest towards the end of every track, just like how Mora appears on “El Cielo” and on Arcángel at the end of “Crush.”

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“I always wanted to make a project with some type of plus at the end that people can look forward to, so I did that with ‘El Cielo’ with Mora. I brought him at the end of the song, and it was like a gift for the fans,” he says. “I remember being 11 or 12, downloading reggaeton songs, and sometimes you didn’t get the whole name because it was a weird file but it was always dope when I would hear an artist on a track that I wasn’t expecting to hear.”

Rompiendo has produced 65 Hot Latin Songs-charting tracks throughout his career. He expresses his pride in seeing fellow Colombian artists like J Balvin, Feid, and Karol G take off – particularly Karol, who has broken numerous records as a Latina music artist in reggaeton and Latin trap.

“It’s so well deserved. I’ve known Karol for many years. I know her journey and what she’s been through, and she’s had to work a lot to achieve those things,” he says. “But now, how she’s managing her whole career and how she’s been pushing herself more and making better music every day – Karol is a G for real.”

If Rompiendo’s record winds up being anything like the tracks he’s released this year or like the hits he’s produced for some of today’s biggest artists, it will certainly be worth the listen. One thing is for sure: expect the brilliantly creative producer to put his all into this project – even if that means waiting months for its release. Rompiendo isn’t dropping anything until he feels he’s got it completely right, and he’s not looking for accolades either. He simply wants to move people.

“I just want people to enjoy my music,” he says. “There’s a lot of young kids that look up to me now that I’m 31. When I was 12 or 13, I wanted to have people to look up to so I could feel motivated. So if these kids are looking to me, I’m just glad to be giving them that inspiration.”

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