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Proof Tash & Amanda Are the MAFS Couple Australia Needed

Proof That Tash & Amanda Are the MAFS Couple Australia Needed

The second episode of Married at First Sight introduced us to our next bride and groom, and our first bride and bride — Natasha and Mikey, and Amanda and Tash.

After the relative calm of the season premiere, episode two was a bit more emotional: we really felt for Amanda as she struggled with her sexuality in a traditional European family, and quickly saw a soft side to the business-minded Mikey, who runs an aged-care home and has a close relationship with his differently abled aunt.

But it's MAFS, so, of course, the couples had to overcome a couple of trials. This time, Natasha wasn't going to fall into the pattern of dating a man who saw her as a kind of "trophy". Instead, she was trying to come to terms with potentially dating someone off-type — a nice guy, who was a bit too awkward and nervous to take the lead. It certainly didn't help that her friend Lincoln reckoned that he wasn't quite up to the challenge of dating her.

Tash's friends too decided to meddle in the marriage, asking Amanda directly about the "big mistakes" she referred to in her vows. Amanda admitted that she'd decided to go on Married at First Sight instead of reuniting with an old flame, which raised a few eyebrows. When Amanda explained herself to Tash, Tash accepted her reasoning. They'd take a risk on MAFS together — and it certainly helped that their chemistry was red-hot.

As with any episode of reality TV, everyone's gotten together on the internet to have their say, and Australia really got behind the series' first lesbian marriage:

Married at First Sight airs on Channel Nine at 7.30 p.m., Monday to Thursday this week. Join us at our Facebook group Pass the Popcorn to chat through the ep!

Image Source: Channel Nine
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