RBD’s Soy Rebelde Tour Is the Nostalgic Experience We Need

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After 15 long years, RBD are officially back! The beloved Mexican pop group – which was born out of the 2005 telenovela “Rebelde” and includes Anahí, Christian Chávez, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, and Christopher von Uckermann – reunited earlier this year for one final tour, the Soy Rebelde Tour. On Sunday, they descended upon San Francisco’s Chase Center, where they were met by thousands of fans dressed in miniskirts, white button-ups, red blazers, and knee-high boots.

Although it’s been years since RBD’s last performance (and Alfonso Herrera is notably sitting out the tour), it was almost like no time had passed as the band transported the crowd back to Elite Way School with an emotional two-hour set of their greatest hits. “Thank you for not forgetting us. Thank you for making dreams come true tonight,” Anahí passionately shouted to the audience in Spanish. “Thank you for keeping us in your hearts all these years,” Dulce María joined in. “May today be a wonderful, unique gift outside of everything bad that is happening in the world. Let’s enjoy this night like never before. Thank you for being here.”

RBD kicked off the night with an energetic performance of their hits “Tras de Mí,” “Un Poco de Tu Amor,” “Aún Hay Algo,” and “Otro Día Que Va.” They also sprinkled in their new song, “Cerquita de Ti,” before Anahí, Perroni, and Dulce María took over the stage and launched into a fiery girl-power medley of “Así Soy Yo,” “Cuando El Amor Se Acaba,” and “Fuego.” “Believe it or not, we did not think this could be a reality,” Perroni told the crowd. “So many things happened for us to to be able to be here on stage together that we are truly grateful for each and every one of you.”

“Today, in this divided world with so much pain, with so many things that break our hearts every day, I hope that with these two hours, we can forget about everything and embrace our child from 2005.”

“You believed in us, you believed in the words we told you, and hopefully, we have planted a drop of hope in your hearts,” Anahí added. “Today, in this divided world with so much pain, with so many things that break our hearts every day, I hope that with these two hours, we can forget about everything and embrace our child from 2005.”

Von Uckermann and Chávez then rejoined the group on stage and performed “Me Voy,” “Dame,” “A Tu Lado,” and “Qué Hay Detrás,” until it was Chávez’s time to shine. Accompanied by a mariachi, Chávez delivered a tear-jerking solo performance of the band’s bilingual song “Tu Amor,” which was arguably one of the most emotional moments of the night.

“This is concert number 22 of the tour, and dude, I’m being myself,” Chávez, who came out as gay shortly before the group split in 2009, proudly exclaimed. “Really, it doesn’t matter how long you have to wait. Look, I turned 40 and I’m just now making my dream come true. Everything is possible, everything passes. Difficult moments also pass. Surely, we have all gone through moments in which we feel alone, we feel that we are worthless, we feel that we do not contribute anything in the world. Your life is very important and you deserve a lot. If there are people who don’t see it, screw them.”

Anahí also gave a chilling solo performance of her hit “Sálvame,” and the fans’ screaming reactions brought her to tears. “Thank you to God for this night. Thank you to God for RBD,” Anahí told the crowd as she dropped to her knees. “Thank you for letting me say goodbye to the one thing I’ve loved doing the most in my life. I love you!”

And of course, RBD saved the best for last, closing out the show with “Nuestro Amor” and an encore of “Rebelde.” The entire audience were on their feet as red-and-white tie-shaped confetti poured throughout the stadium – and for a moment, we were all transported back to the 2000s.

RBD’s next show is in San Diego on Oct. 13, with the tour officially wrapping in Mexico City on Dec. 21. Ahead, check out the setlist and pictures from the Soy Rebelde Tour.

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RBD Soy Rebelde Tour Setlist

  1. “Tras de Mí”
  2. “Un Poco de Tu Amor”
  3. “Cerquita de Ti”
  4. “Aún Hay Algo”
  5. “Otro Día Que Va”
  6. “Así Soy Yo”
  7. “Cuando El Amor Se Acaba”
  8. “Fuego”
  9. “Inalcanzable”
  10. “Tenerte y Quererte”
  11. “Me Voy”
  12. “Dame”
  13. “Y No Puedo Olvidarte”
  14. “Para Olvidarte de Mí”
  15. “A Tu Lado”
  16. “Qué Hay Detrás”
  17. “Tu Amor”
  18. “Celestial”
  19. “Bésame Sin Miedo”
  20. “Ser o Parecer”
  21. “Futuro Ex-Novio”
  22. “Qué Fue del Amor”
  23. “No Pares”
  24. “Este Corazón”
  25. “S.H.E.A”
  26. “Empezar Desde Cero”
  27. “Solo Quédate En Silencio”
  28. “Sálvame”
  29. “Nuestro Amor”
  30. “Rebelde”
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