“Not Everyone Can Take It”: Big Brother’s Renata Isn’t Fazed by the Housemates’ Reaction to Her Outspoken Nature

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It was a rollercoaster of emotions during episode three of Big Brother Australia 2021 and for Renata Bubeniene it spelled the end of her time in the house.

After saying goodbye to Lil Ahenkan a.k.a Flex Mami in the previous eviction, it was business as usual with a night of surprises until a devastating phone call saw Jess Trend have to say her final goodbyes to her nanna.

For anyone watching, it was a heartbreaking scene with Jess going on to perform and win the challenge for her grandma — but for evictee Renata, the fact that Melissa McGorman was put up for elimination (essentially playing to win), Jess’ loss wasn’t a reason to be handed the win.

“I felt sorry for her,” Renata admitted in an interview with POPSUGAR Australia. “But you can’t use that card in the game because we all have our own tragedies.”

Renata went on to explain that just before COVID, her father who lived in Lithuania, passed away and she never got to speak to him. “I never had the chance to go back and say my goodbyes,” the flight attendant revealed.

“He passed away a few days after his 70th birthday and I tried to call him that day and I didn’t reach him and then I called a few days later and he was already passed away. It was hard that I didn’t even say Happy Birthday.”

She continued: “We all have things we are doing [it] for and for her to say, ‘I’m doing this for Nanna’, we [are] all doing [it] for somebody or something.”

During her nominations, Jess said that Renata “made people feel uncomfortable”, something that didn’t really surprise the mum-of-two.

“Maybe because I say the way it is and not everyone can take it,” Renata said. “Like, why do you waste the time and talk about something that is not true or pretend to like someone you don’t like? Just say it how it is. We don’t have the time. Especially in that house.”

Renata also seemed to ruffle more than a few feathers with Katie Williams, someone she said had a lot of influence in the house. As for their relationship?

“What relationship?” she said. “I know it’s a game and I nominated Max [Beattie]. I said to her, ‘you have to understand that I’m not nominating you because I want a girl to win’ and I was trying to bond with her and I explained my move because one of them had to go and I chose Max.

“I gave her a chance not to sit in that chair because I believe for Girl Power and she turned and took it against me, so what relationship are you talking about?”

Being in the house had other challenges as well, including the fact that the housemates had no idea when the hot water would run. In fact, they found themselves filling up the kettle, boiling it and then using it for their showers.

“You never knew when they would be working,” she said. “Big Brother liked to keep you on your toes.”

As for who she wants to win, Renata would like to see Marley Biyendolo take home the $250k. “There’s just something about him,” she said.

Big Brother Australia 2021 continues Sunday – Tuesday on Channel 7.

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