Exclusive: Stan Host Renee Bargh Thinks *That* Brad Pitt Rumour Is “Hilarious”


Before COVID hit, Renee Bargh spent the better part of the last decade in LA, working on some of the biggest red carpet events in the world. As part of her gig on Extra, Bargh stood side-by-side with some of the most famous faces in the world, including Brad Pitt.

In June 2020, as the 35-year-old was heading into lockdown in Australia, a rumour began to spread about her and the Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood actor. The rumour was so big that even her friends and family started questioning if it was true — a rumour, that she was in fact, dating Mr Pitt.

“Those were amazing those rumours,” Bargh laughed during an interview with POPSUGAR Australia. “It’s absolutely hilarious that those even came about and that people actually believed them.”

She continued: “It’s funny if I ever go on a date with a guy and they’re like, ‘Cool, you know, I just feel weird because I can’t compare to Brad Pitt’.”

Bargh was in quarantine when the completely fabricated story came out, and every time her friends sent her flowers or packages to keep her spirits up, the security would whisper, “Oh, it’s from Mr Pitt!”.

“I really should have milked it, like started at least getting restaurant reservations or something out of it,” she joked.

Thanks to the global pandemic, Bargh moved back to Australia and joined The Voice Australia as host and while she loved her life in the US, she admitted that she was “happy to be home”.

“It’s heaven on earth,” the TV presenter said. “I just pinch myself every day. I feel so lucky. When I was in lockdown in LA, I experienced what it was like over there and then came home and saw how peacefully everyone was living here. It just made me really appreciate the things that are important.”

She continued: “I lived to work when I was in LA and now I just want to work to live. I want to do projects and things that light a fire in me and that I’m passionate about and make me happy.”

Now, Bargh is the newest “Stanbassador”, a role she kicked off by hosting the RuPaul’s Drag Race: Down Under blue carpet on Friday, April 30.

“I realised it was the first red carpet I had done in a year and that’s wild, because I would normally cover three to 10 a week when I was living in LA. It was so bizarre but it was also like no time had passed. But when it was finished, I was like, that was the most fun red carpet I have ever done!”

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