Are Rita Ora, Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson In a ‘Throuple’? Because Twitter Needs to Know

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Since the weekend, there have been photos circling the internet —appearing to show award-winning director Taika Waititi and his rumoured girlfriend, Rita Ora, getting close with actor Tessa Thompson.

In the series of snaps, which you can peek at below, Waititi is seen kissing both Ora and Thompson, while another snapshot shows both women leaning in towards Waititi, presumably en route to a three-way kiss. Then, there’s another of Ora and Thompson nose to nose.

I mean honestly, we’re into it. Celebrities so often feel unable to explore their sexuality freely, given the constant nature of social media and the ability for anyone with a smartphone to take a pap shot or have an opinion.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter went into a frenzy trying to decipher the relationship between the three celebrities.

One user @CarineK’s now-viral tweet with the photos, asking “Are Rita Ora and Taika Waititi in an open relationship with Tessa Thompson?” has gained over 23K likes since it was posted on Sunday, May 23rd.

An even more viral Tweet of the photos came from user @SCOTTH0PE. Instead of speculating an open relationship, the user suggested that the three were in a polyamorous relationship, otherwise known as a throuple.

With over 14k retweets and 137k likes, the Tweet reads, “Rita Ora being in a poly relationship with Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson wasn’t on my 2021 bingo card but here we are.”

For a bit of background, Waititi is currently still married to his wife Chelsea Winstanley, although Glamour reports that the two “quietly separated in 2018.” While Waititi has been busy directing Thor: Love and Thunder out in Australia — of which Thompson stars in as the Marvel character Valkyrie — Ora has been in Australia too; filming as a judge for the country’s version of The Voice.

But why are these photos creating such a stir? Regardless of social media’s transparency and how much we feel as though we ‘know’ a celebrity, who are we to make assumptions on the type of person they are, especially when it comes to their personal relationships?

A throuple is a relationship where three people are involved intimately. Being in a throuple isn’t the same as being polyamorous. Polyamory speaks to having multiple sexual partners and being in multiple intimate relationships. Although every situation is different, polyamory can mean one primary partner and the freedom to have multiple sexual partners just as much as it can mean multiple serious relationships. The beauty of poly is that you can create and define your own terms that work for you.

To make the jump that these three; Waititi, Ora and Thompson are in a throuple, seems a bit extreme to me. They could just be three, beautiful and talented people who are into each other and having fun, without caring who sees that.

We know that Ora has had relationships with women, as she has been vocal about in previous interviews as well as clearly through her song Girls.

Waititi and Ora also could be in a more serious relationship, as speculation has offered, but be open with each other sexually and willing to experiment and explore together. Honestly, it sounds fun. It’s also 2021 and we’re huge advocates for open communication around sex and what we’re into, especially to our partners and those close to us.

Why do we have to speculate, disapprove, assume or have any opinions at all when it comes to three clearly consenting adults that are into each other? I think we should be happy for them, and celebrate that we live in an time where this type of fluid sexuality exists freely.

The only thing I have mixed emotions about is the fact that I wasn’t invited.

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