Golden Retrievers Are Out, the Rodent Boyfriend Is in: The New Heartthrob Trend


“Are you a frog or a rat?” That was the hot topic in the office this morning. On the surface it may sound offensive, but there’s often talk on social media about how people either look like a frog or a rat. Think about it. Frogs have that wide-eyed, slightly bewildered look, while rats have those sharp, angular features. Believe it or not, this quirky debate has led us to the latest trend in attractiveness: the rodent boyfriend.

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The era of golden retriever boyfriends is over, and there’s a new whiskered heartthrob in town. While the golden retriever boyfriend — loyal and dependable — has had his moment, it’s time for the sleek, charming, rodent-like men to shine. Let’s dive into why these new icons of attractiveness are stealing our hearts.

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The New Definition of Handsome

A viral tweet from May 2023 introduced a fun way to categorise male attractiveness: eagle handsome, bear handsome, dog handsome, and reptilian handsome. Think Ryan Gosling, Henry Cavill, Heath Ledger, and Timothée Chalamet. But there’s one category missing that’s stealing the spotlight — rodent handsome.

Rodent handsome men, like Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist from Challengers, have lean builds and angular features. They might not fit the traditional mould of handsome, but that’s what makes them stand out. These actors have been charming fans with their unique looks, drawing comparisons to cute animated rodents like Stuart Little and Roddy St. James from Flushed Away.

Where Did the Rat Trend Come From?

The buzz began when people on social media began playfully comparing Mike Faist to a dormouse, and things quickly snowballed from there.

Soon, other male celebrities were being assessed for their rodent-like features. Barry Keoghan, Timothée Chalamet, Jeremy Allen White, and Glen Powell were added to the list of Hollywood’s rodent heartthrobs. These comparisons spread like wildfire, and now we can’t unsee it.

Glen Powell, in particular, has embraced his capybara comparison, telling Jimmy Fallon, “This is why the internet’s a great place. I really kind of own the capybara thing now. I am the capybara.” The reactions from other celebs like O’Connor, Chalamet, and Keoghan remain a mystery, but the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

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The Appeal of Rodent Men

What makes rodent men so irresistible? It’s not just about their looks; it’s about their vibe. These men often defy traditional masculine stereotypes, embodying a thoughtful, caring, and quirky nature. They’re the kind of guys who buy their partners enormous bouquets of flowers and proudly display their love on social media.

Kieran Culkin, for example, is known for his eccentric red carpet behaviour and offbeat interview moments, making him a fan favourite. Mike Faist’s earnest yet humorous comments to the press, like aspiring to be a clown at children’s parties, add to his charm. And Josh O’Connor? His frequent mentions of his love for Ratatouille only make him more endearing.

Why Women Are Swooning

So, why are rodent men so popular? They represent a break from the traditional male archetype, embodying qualities seen through the female gaze: captivating, funny, interesting, and sensitive. They’re the real-life versions of the complex characters we fall in love with in movies and books.

As the era of the golden retriever boyfriend fades, the rise of the hot rodent man signals a shift towards a more nuanced and intriguing form of masculinity. It might just be time to take your golden retriever boyfriend to the vet and trade him in for a hot rodent boyfriend.

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