Round The Twist is Coming To Netflix, and Have You Ever Felt Like This?

round the twist netflix

There’s a special kind of thrill that only Aussie’s who grew up during the ’90s will get when they hear — well, first off, a bunch of whacky noises (including a terrifying laugh) — followed by: “Have you ever, ever felt like this? Have strange things happened, are you going round the twist?”

Yep, the whackiest theme song for possibly the whackiest children’s television show, Round The Twist, that graced our television screens during the ’90s and very early noughties is back — all thanks to Netflix.

Prepare to binge on a massive dose of nostalgia, starting May 1, when all four seasons will be available on the streaming giant and we’re guessing it’ll be just a little better received than Byron Baes.

If you only vaguely remember the show, and the theme song that accompanied it — well first, shame on you — and second, we’re here to give you a brush-up.

The series is based on stories from award-winning Australian author Paul Jennings (he’s got an Order of Australia and everything), and follows the Twist family — fourteen-year-old fraternal twins Pete and Linda, eight-year-old Bronson, and their widowed father Tony — who live in a lighthouse in the fictional town of Port Niranda.

As for the ’round the twist’ part? Each episode the Twist kids get swept up into a series of supernatural adventures — or misadventures, in some cases.

Anyone else remember the fish-propeller-penis episode? Or the episode where Pete gets pregnant from peeing on a tree and gives birth via burp? We’re not making these up, these were some of the more bonkers misadventures that we followed along…in our childhoods…

Well, now you can rewatch these episodes again as an adult, and wonder how your parents ever let you get away with watching them in the first place.

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