Meet the Cast of “Rush Australia” as They Set Off on an Unforgettable Adventure

rush australia 2023 cast

Channel 9’s brand-new series, “Rush,” made an explosive debut last night, captivating audiences with its unique concept. In this thrilling adventure, 12 everyday Aussies are taken on an extraordinary ride where they are blindfolded and deprived of both sight and sound, completely unaware of their destinations. They find themselves immersed in some of the most extraordinary locations and vibrant festivals on the planet. Below, meet the “Rush Australia” 2023 cast.

Divided into three teams — Team Navy, Team Gold, and Team Scarlet — these strangers must navigate their way through unfamiliar territories, completing unforgettable cultural missions along the way. From dance raves to soccer games and other remarkable experiences, their determination is put to the test. The premiere episode whisked us away to Brazil as we witnessed the teams face their first set of challenges.

Now, let’s meet these 12 brave Aussies.

“Rush Australia” 2023 Cast

Tommy, 46, Victoria

Rush 2023 cast Tommy

Saxon, 32, Queensland

Rush 2023 cast Saxon

Adam, 22, NSW

Rush 2023 cast Adam

Tylen, 21, Queensland

Rush 2023 cast Tylen

Lola, 25, Queensland

Rush 2023 cast Lola

Fiona, 57, Western Australia

Rush 2023 cast Fiona

Madeline, 33, NSW

Rush 2023 cast Madeline

Priscilla, 38, Queensland

Rush 2023 cast Priscilla

CK, 28, Victoria

Rush 2023 cast CK

Najmah, 26, Victoria

Rush 2023 cast Najmah

Sofia, 26, ACT

Rush 2023 cast Sofia

Hamish, 29, South Australia

Rush 2023 cast Hamish

“Rush” airs on Sunday at 7:00pm and continues Monday and Tuesday at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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