Married at First Sight’s Cameron May Have Bitten Off More Than He Can Chew With Samantha

Married at First Sight’s Cameron Dunne said he was ready to marry and settle down with the first girl he meets, however, after meeting Samantha Harvey on the hit Channel 9 series, he may not be as ready as he thought.

When he met the beautiful property developer, Dunne was more than a little bit frightened because she has two sons.

While children is something he very much wants, taking on not one but three people as a package deal, was not something he bargained for.

In her official bio, Harvey, 31, describes herself as a “little bit of an Aussie bogan” and is confident that she knows what she wants in life and in a man — including someone who can help support her emotionally for kids. In fact, during her wedding episode, she said that she’s “doing this for us”.

Dunne, who has just returned from working in the mines as a crane operator, has been enjoying the single life, however, is now ready for that work/life balance — however, as Harvey has “a lot more to lose”, he wants to wait until his feelings are clear before expressing them.

Being cheated on in the past, Dunne has some trust issues and admits that he self-sabotages, so could this just be the fear talking?

For Harvey, who has also been cheated on in the past by her ex-husband, finding someone who she can trust also needs to be part of the deal. She is ultimately looking for someone who ticks all of her boxes. But is her new groom that person?

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