Sarah Hyland Praises Husband Wells Adams’s “Kind, Generous, and Supportive Heart”

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After nearly six years together, one thing hasn’t changed: Wells Adams is the perfect partner for Sarah Hyland. “He has such a beautiful, kind, generous and supportive heart for everybody he loves,” Hyland tells POPSUGAR in praise of her husband, whom she married in a gorgeous August 2022 ceremony following a 2019 engagement (and pandemic-caused nuptials delay).

The “Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin star jokes that Adams, of Bachelor Nation fame, is a “much, much better person than I am.” Even as this author counters, Hyland assures, “He is, he is.” She explains, “I got a little bit of the New York edge where I’m like, ‘If you do me wrong, that’s on you.’ And he’s just so forgiving and loving and loves everybody for who they are. And I greatly admire that.”

“He’s just so forgiving and loving and loves everybody for who they are.”

That New York edge is hard to tamp down as the NYC native returns to her home city to promote Tic Tac’s new strawberry & cream flavor at a special Chelsea Market pop-up dubbed The Tic Tac Experience, which included games and photo ops. “It’s always so much fun to come back home,” she says. It’s also fun to revisit her sweets “addiction,” she jokes, telling POPSUGAR as a kid that she’d put back a “box of Tic Tacs a day.”

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Hyland is never not in the moment, fully appreciating an experience. That was especially true on her wedding day to Adams at the Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, CA. The festivities featured a reunion for Hyland and her “Modern Family” costars, including Jessie Tyler Ferguson, who served as the officiant. “It’s hard to put into words. At the very beginning of the day, I made sure that I had a moment outside in nature and to really ground myself and connect my senses and my earthly surroundings, as woo-woo as that sounds,” she says. “It very much kept me centered all day long to be able to experience everything in the moment and not let anything pass by.”

In general, Hyland says, “It was amazing, and it was a beautiful day. It was exactly how I pictured everything down the final detail. Because I am a very detail-oriented person. And I had to fight for a lot of the things.”

Onscreen, she’s not fighting for chemistry with her frequent scene partner Adam Devine, her romantic interest in “Modern Family” and again costar in “Bumper in Berlin.” She’s “having the best time being with Adam again,” but also praises showrunner Megan Amram – “one powerhouse of a woman.” Hyland is enjoying working with a female showrunner and calls the experience “empowering.” Mostly, she’s enjoying getting back to her roots.

Like her fulfilling recent turn to NYC, Hyland’s chance to showcase her vocal chops in the streaming series is a return to form. “It was amazing to be able to get back to my days with theater Broadway groups and do well with that again, because I haven’t for a very, very long time,” she says. “It was wonderful.”

“Bumper in Berlin” has been renewed for season two, and the new Tic Tac flavor is available now.

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