“I’m Done”: Manu Feildel’s Heartbreaking Call to His Wife Before Walking Out of SAS Australia

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It’s been an emotional night on SAS Australia after celebrity chef Manu Feildel heartbreakingly confessed to his wife and daughter that he “wants to come home”.

As his voice cracked, it was evident that Manu had clearly been pushed too far, confessing that the challenges were starting to get to him.

Earlier in the episode, Manu withdrew from the course, where he was expected to sit inside a car underneath water without breathing.

“I came on this course to prove something to myself and I just realised I don’t need to prove anything. I’ve got a f***ing good life. I’ve got a f***ing good life, and I want it back,” he said as he walked away from the other recruits.

Proving to be too much, he made the emotional call back home.

“Hey listen, I’m done,” said the My Kitchen Rules star. “I don’t want to be here anymore.”

His wife reassured him, saying it’s okay as his daughter teared up at the sight of her dad.

The show is known for the physical and psychological strain it places on its recruits, with many dropping out before they could reach the end.

Former SAS soldiers Ant Middleton, Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham, Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox and Olli Ollerton can smell weakness from a mile away, as they push the celebrities to their absolute limit.

Forced to strip back on their luxe lifestyles, everyone on the show are referred to by a number and are given zero privacy, ensuring they walk out of the show stronger and more diligent.

It’s not easy, but for many of the recruits who have dealt with some form of trauma throughout their life, it’s definitely rewarding.

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