After a Gruelling Two Weeks, Three Recruits Passed Selection on SAS Australia

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SAS Australia is possibly the toughest show on television, and tonight, it all came to an end. Riana Crehan, Millie Boyle, Darius Boyd and Locky Gilbert were the final five to remain in the competition, with three of them passing selection. 

When Locky was culled by the DS after the penultimate challenge, the three remaining recruits had to prove themselves in order to pass. It was the hardest challenge of the season, with the contestants tasked with retrieving a piece of equipment that was dangling from the edge of a cliff in 15 minutes. 

Surprisingly, all three completed the task with only seconds left on the clock. It was then up to the DS to decide who deserved to pass selection. 

After two weeks of physical and mental anguish, Ant Middleton gave his final decision. “I can tell you now, we’re looking for integrity, grit, determination, passion, emotional intelligence, the thinking soldier, a team of individuals that can function together, that can work together, that can trust each other,” Ant said.

“This has been the hardest decision that we’ve had to make. Number seven, number 15, number eight…. you have all passed selection. Well done.”

The three recruits celebrated by embracing each other in a warm hug, tearing up with relief. 

“This really has been the hardest thing I’ve done in my whole life,” Riana said. “Physically, mentally, emotionally; it’s definitely life-changing.”

“To be honest, it’s just such an amazing experience,” Darius added. “I didn’t think it was possible; it’s just an amazing feeling.”

Millie was equally elated, saying that she was “buzzing with emotion”.

“It’s been the longest two weeks of my life, but the best two weeks. It’s amazing.”

Sadly, Gilbert didn’t make it to the end, after being culled by the DS when the other recruits chose to vote him out. 

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