Saweetie’s Birth Chart Proves That Music Was Always Meant to Be Her Best Friend

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Diamonte Harper, better known by her stage name, Saweetie, has mesmerised the world with her quirky personality and sex-positive lyrics since her debut single, “Icy Girl,” went viral in 2018. Since then, the “Best Friend” rapper has become an icon in the rap world with no signs of slowing down. Between collaborations with hip-hop stars including Doja Cat and Jhené Aiko, dropping her McDonald’s Saweetie Meal, and revving up to host Netflix’s new special Sex: Unzipped, Saweetie has been booked and busy.

Saweetie was also named hustler of the year at the 2021 BET Awards, an honor recognising the rapper’s grit and dedication as she amasses an empire of loyal fans in the process of making catchy music. Hard-working, sincere, and ultratalented, Saweetie has proven to be a driving force in the music industry, so naturally we wanted to see what astrology has to say about her. POPSUGAR spoke with astrologer Lumi Pelinku to gain a better understanding of Saweetie’s birth chart.

Sun and Moon

Since Saweetie’s birth time isn’t publicly known, there’s no way of knowing her houses or ascendant sign. Still, we have a substantial amount of information to take a deep astrological dive into the rapper’s quirks, motivations, and personality.

Sun in Cancer

Our sun sign represents the core of who we are and is essentially the center of our personality. Saweetie’s sun sign is in sweet and sensitive Cancer, which implies the rapper is soft and giving. “Saweetie’s sun sign shows great emphasis in her need to connect with her emotions and process her approach to giving and receiving nurturing,” Pelinku told POPSUGAR. With her sun, it’s likely she feels most authentic when she is helping or influencing others in a positive way. The rapper told Billboard in an interview, “The fame and the money is cool, but when I see influencers and people feeling good to my music, that’s when I feel like my job is done,” and if that’s not the epitome of a Cancer, we don’t know what is.

Saweetie also may have a deeper connection with some of her other planets. “As Cancer is the sign ruled by the moon, she may be strongly tied to her moon sign, Sagittarius,” Pelinku said. This makes a ton of sense when you consider how bold and eclectic her music is.

Moon in Sagittarius

In our birth chart, our moon represents the inner self, including our emotional responses. Saweetie’s moon is in tenacious and adventurous Sagittarius. These signs are all about growing and expanding their hearts and minds. They love to learn about different cultures and explore different worlds. “Saweetie’s Sagittarius moon bestows a gift in her creating connections with all the walks of life and has an intense pull to share her ideals with society,” Pelinku said. She added, “This moon sign can be shamelessly direct when hurt emotionally,” noting that a Sagittarius moon craves freedom, optimism, and hope.

Sagittarians are naturally bold and unabashed when it comes to their personal philosophies. And Saweetie is definitely bold. In true Sagittarius fashion, Saweetie releases music that is unapologetically sexy, empowering women to reclaim the harsh words that have been used against them and become confident and bold in their sexuality and bodies.

Personal Planets

There’s more to a birth chart than our sun, moon, and rising signs. Personal planets, including Mars, Mercury, and Venus, are essential to learning about different aspects of a person’s personality. These areas of life include our ambition, drive, personal aesthetics, and communication habits, as well as how we express love.

Mars in Virgo

When it comes to our aggression, drive, and dedication, our Mars sign tells all. Saweetie’s Mars is in detail-oriented Virgo, meaning she is very goal-centred when it comes to her ambitions. “Her Mars in Virgo defines her means of driving her principles to others,” Pelinku explained. That could be seen when Saweetie spoke to Loni Love on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and said, “I just like to keep everything just goal-oriented and music-focused.” People with Mars in Virgo tend to be very specific, so one can assume that her professional moves are calculated. “Mars in this expression is strategic and careful,” Pelinku said. “Saweetie’s means of developing her ideas may be a long process, but this is what enables her to be confident in her music creations.”

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury is the planet of communication and mind. Saweetie’s Mercury is also in the sweet and nurturing sign of Cancer, so she can be super sweet (fitting for her stage name) in how she expresses herself and helps others feel safe and comfortable with her words. Not only that, but her Mercury creates a harmonious sextile aspect to her Venus, meaning she takes kindness very seriously. “This [aspect] extends a form of sensitivity and creative ability,” Pelinku explained. “Her Mercury is in how she communicates and expresses her gifts, and this position is one that can be very sensitive and heartfelt.”

Venus in Taurus

Venus rules all things love, romance, and aesthetic. Saweetie’s Venus sign is in the luxury-loving and romantic sign of Taurus. While these signs are known to be homebodies and are all about self-care, they also love to feel lavish and appreciate the finer things. “Having Venus in Taurus is very sensual and earthy in nature,” Pelinku said. Fun fact: Venus also rules Taurus, so these themes are supercharged in her chart, suggesting that living a life of luxury is important, but she’s also down to earth and loves her comfort. “Her Mercury sextile Venus oftentimes extends talent in songwriting, and may cause her to be very magnetic,” Pelinku explained. With her sexy lyrics and sensual aesthetic, it’s clear to see that Saweetie’s Taurus Venus is a direct reflection of her music and personal taste.

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