17 Scary-Clown Movies That'll Give You Nightmares for Days

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The clown profession is all about bringing some much-needed joy to the world, but we’d be remiss not to point out all the terrifying clowns in classic horror movies. After all, how could those red noses and devilish grins not warrant some suspicion?

Freaky-clown cinema includes blockbuster classics like Stephen King’s “It,” which has been adapted twice for the screen – once in 1990 and again in 2017. Both versions feature the horrifying exploits of Pennywise, a demonic clown entity who’ll make you forever averse to storm drains and red balloons. On the other end of the spectrum, the genre is filled with low-budget cult favorites – think “All Hallows’ Eve,” which inspired the Terrifier slasher cinematic universe featuring Art the Clown.

While the creepy-clown character isn’t as prevalent in horror films as are ghosts and demons, it’s a well-established, varied genre. You’ll come across a wide range of clowns who, at times, reveal truths about the human condition. Clowns like Arthur Fleck from “Joker” have more complicated motives grounded in social dysfunction, while others, like Pennywise, are simply manifestations of evil. Clearly, most movie clowns aren’t just there to clown around.

Ahead, take a look at the scariest clown movies the horror genre has to offer. Get ready for some seriously maniacal makeup and high-pitched laughter. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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