“Everyone Has An Opinion On Me”: What Schapelle Corby Thinks of DWTS Criticism

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It’s Schapelle Corby’s second return to reality TV after a stint on SAS Australia, and love her or hate her, Corby doesn’t care.

Now a wildcard on Channel 7’s Dancing with The Stars: All Stars, Corby took to the dancefloor on Sunday, April 11, dancing the Viennese waltz.

While the judges applauded her efforts, before Corby had even appeared on the show, she was inundated with messages from trolls. However, the star has learned to “like herself” and “not care” about their opinions.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the 43-year-old admitted she had spent “many years” training herself to be resistant to the outside comments.

“I know everyone has an opinion on me, I get that completely, but it doesn’t mean I have to buy into it, and I can’t let what anyone feels about me affect how I feel about myself,” she said.

“I have made myself learn not to care. I have had many years to come to the point where I am strong enough to not let nasty comments get to me.”

Corby then went on to say that she knew who she was now and that she is “strong”.

“I have people I can trust. I have an incredible family, a backup system which gives me courage. I have people who love me, I have people who like me. I like myself,” she said. 

After Sunday night’s performance, returning judging panel Helen Richey, Todd McKenney, Paul Mercurio and Mark Wilson all praised the convicted drug smuggler, with McKenney even apologising for doubting what she would do.

“I have to apologise to you in fact, because for whatever reason, I don’t know why and it’s unfair of me, but I thought you were gonna be crap,” he said.

Wilson called her performance “inspirational” and said he never “expected” such a dance from her. “I don’t know what I expected but you have elevation, you have elegance, you’re so emotional and in the moment,” he said.

After her dance, Corby told host Sonia Kruger that she had been incredibly “nervous”. “I’ve been so nervous, I’ve been crying I’ve been out the back, they’ve had to do my makeup again,” she said.

Check out Corby’s Viennese waltz to At Last by Etta James in the tweet below:

Dancing With The Stars: All Stars continues on Monday at 7.30 on Channel 7.

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