Jack Black Still Keeps Up with the “School of Rock” Kids, Nearly 20 Years Later: He’s “Amazing”

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The 20th anniversary of “School of Rock” is approaching this September, and after two decades the film still remains a beloved classic that fans keep revisiting. In the memorable 2003 movie, Jack Black plays Dewey Finn, a down-and-out wannabe rock star who poses as his roommate Ned Schneebly (Mike White) to take on a substitute teaching gig to pull in some money. Once in the classroom, he realizes his young students have some serious jamming potential – and fashions them into a music group with hopes of winning a local Battle of the Bands. The film’s heartfelt plot moments and easy laughs even led to the story being evolved into a Broadway musical.

The original cast included some established adult actors like Black, Joan Cusack, and Sarah Silverman, but also a full slate of rising young talent. Among them was Miranda Cosgrove, who went on to “iCarly” fame. Cosgrove just opened up about her experience filming “School of Rock” in an interview with People, saying that the movie is actually part of the reason she’s still acting today.

“I think Jack Black’s amazing,” Cosgrove told the outlet, revealing, “He’s kept up with pretty much all of us from the movie since we did it.” She added of Black, “I love him. He just acts [as] the most normal, nice guy. He doesn’t seem like he thinks he’s Jack Black at all.” The raving didn’t stop there. Explained Cosgrove, “He’s always been unbelievably nice, and I can honestly say one of the main reasons I love acting, and why I probably tried to keep doing it for so long, is because of what a great experience he made doing ‘School of Rock.’ “

Unlike Cosgrove, many of the “School of Rock” kids featured in the movie have actually left Hollywood altogether for other careers. So, what have your favorites been up to in the past couple of decades? Keep reading to find out.

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