Selena Gomez’s Birth Chart Explains Why She Succeeds in All Her Artistic Pursuits

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“Only Icons in the Building” would be a more fitting show for Selena Gomez to star in. Between creating her makeup line, Rare Beauty, and blessing TV screens with Hulu’s epic true-crime comedy “Only Murders in the Building,” the “Lose You To Love Me” singer seems constantly busy in her pursuits to share her art with the world. If you’ve been curious about Gomez’s astrological placements, there are definitely hints to be found in her raw lyrics, how candidly she expresses herself, and how well-rounded and multifaceted she is in her life. The Cancer might seem sensitive, but she’s also got quite the fiery side. POPSUGAR spoke with astrologer and quantum mystic Imani Quinn to understand the depths of Selena Gomez’s birth chart.

The Big Three

The first three layers of your birth chart consist of your sun, moon, and rising sign. These planets rule things like your quirks, tendencies, emotional responses, and how you portray yourself. Luckily, Selena Gomez’s birthday and time of birth is available publicly, so we can confirm her rising sign and get a larger scope of her birth chart.

Cancer Sun

Your sun sign represents your vitality and identity – think of it as your essence. It rules over your mannerisms and defining traits. Gomez’s sun sign is in the nurturing and emotionally sensitive sign of Cancer, which means she’s sweet, caring, and a natural caregiver. This can explain why the singer has ties to foundations like UNICEF, the Enough Project, and DoSomething. Cancers are intuitive and deeply attached to their emotions – I mean, the lyrics of “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” say it all.

“Cancers are a symbol of pure strength through emotional vulnerability, grace, loyalty, and intuition,” Quinn tells POPSGUAR. “Selena Gomez has shown us in heartbreak we can heal and move through the most painful of circumstances. We witnessed Selena go through a very public breakup and transform her deepest pain into her ‘Revival’ album. She proclaimed her emotional depth through her latest album ‘Rare,’ showing us that a Cancer’s vulnerability is a form of armor with the strong boundaries of a Cancer shell.”

“Don’t think that when Selena says ‘Kill ‘Em with Kindness,’ she wouldn’t also ‘Cut You Off,'” Quinn says. “As her songs let us know, a Cancer decides when and if you deserve their love.”

Aries Moon

The more personal layer to your birth chart is represented by your moon sign. This planet rules everything from your emotions, responses, and intuition. Gomez’s moon is in the fiery and super-competitive sign of Aries. These signs are intense when it comes to their feelings and tend to be impulsive with how they react to them.

“A moon in Aries is a placement of raw unruly emotion,” Quinn says. “Gomez has shown us through her emotionally expressive music that even with a tender and timid Cancer sun, she isn’t afraid to burn down what doesn’t serve her. She is a warrior, as she stated in her song ‘Survivor,’ and her fiery Aries won’t accept defeat without a fight. Aries can be volatile in their emotional expression and processing as they are the ruler of Mars and fueled by a passionate drive. When she feels, not only is it deep, but she will destroy anything in her emotional path in the name of moving on.”

Leo Rising

Your rising, or ascendant, sign represents how you assert yourself. Gomez’s rising is in the creative and fun-loving sign of Leo. This placement is seen as the life of the party, especially since your rising sign manifests clearly in social interactions. Leos are fire signs, which means Selena is direct, but she’s also warm and inviting.

“A Leo rising is a proud and socially affectionate zodiac placement. Selena isn’t afraid to tell the world of how much she feels because it is a vital part of her being to express herself outwardly in building her self-image,” Quinn says. “Selena [embraces her individuality] because it is her most authentic self that makes her feel the most empowered. If anything, Selena’s last two albums are a testament to her self-love journey, that through adversity she is and will always be a shining star.” That makes sense, considering “Rare” is an anthem all about knowing your worth and recognizing when someone isn’t treating you right.

Personal Planets

Your birth chart is more than your big three – it also includes your personal planets: Mercury, Mars, and Venus. When it comes to your communication style, relationship tendencies, and even your sensuality, your personal planets hold the keys. Knowing how each area of life is affected by your personal planets is important to understanding your entire chart.

Leo Mercury

Mercury rules everything related to communication and the mind. This typically manifests in writing and speech – for Gomez, we can see this in her lyrics, social media, and interviews. Gomez’s Mercury sign is in the brave, fiery sign of Leo, explaining how direct she is when it comes to defending herself in interviews and how willingly she opens up about her health and raising awareness to causes that she feels connected to.

“Mercury in Leo is the perfect ingredient for a confident, artistic, public speaker,” Quinn says. “It is nothing less than fate that Gomez became a singer with Mercury in Venus. She has a natural inclination for wanting to be center stage for her voice and to carry the necessary self-confidence it takes to share that voice. Not only does she live for her creative expression, [but] others are drawn to and admire her ability to express herself so fearlessly.”

Taurus Mars

Mars is connected to impulses, aggression, and passion. You can see this manifest in relationships, during a conflict, or relating to a passion or sentimental goal. For example, Gomez’s Mars sign is in the romantic and strong-willed earth sign Taurus, so she’s passionate and romantic, which is completely aligned with the singer’s sensual tracks like “Fetish” and the headstrong anthem “It Ain’t Me.”

“Mars is the power, assertiveness, and sexual drive that we inherently derive our passion from,” Quinn says. “Selena has a Taurus in Mars, which means that she emotes her passion through sensuality and desire for romance.”

Leo Venus

Venus is the planet that rules art, money, and relationships. This planet not only reflects how you love in platonic and romantic relationships, but also how you express your art and creativity. For Gomez, her Venus sign is also in Leo, which is the zodiac sign that rules over creativity and art. This creative sign being in this creative planet just compounds her artistry, which fans of her work can clearly see.

This planet also impacts relationships, and we can see that this placement is drawn toward a fairy-tale type of romance. “With a Venus in Leo placement, not only do you want your partner to shower you with gifts and public affection, but you also have no patience in waiting for your knight in shining armor to show up on a horse, dressed in only the best,” Quinn says. “It’s interesting that not only did Selena date Justin Bieber, who was in the public eye, but their breakup was a very public affair with many artistic acts to follow. [Neither] her relationship nor her breakup [was] ever going to be quiet when her nature calls for the dramatic arts, and we were blessed with the playlist for breakups to come.”

Leo Stellium

Gomez has been acting since she was a child, and it’s clear that she was always destined to follow her many artistic pursuits. The “Boyfriend” singer’s first house, aka her ascendant sign, being in Leo is the clearest manifestation of her destiny of fame – but interestingly enough, her super-charged stellium is also in Leo, which means Leo traits are deeply reflected by her expression of creativity. “In addition, it is also an aspect of her Cancer/Leo-cusp sun sign. We have seen Selena grow into fame since she was a young adolescent, and she is definitely evolving into her public image with age,” Quinn says. “Selena’s Leo Stellium is a through line within her character building and artistic presence.”

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