An Open Letter to Selena Gomez: Your Body, Your Rules, No Explanation Needed

selena gomez

Dear Selena Gomez,

Now I know you will probably never see this, but I just wanted to chat about your recent Instagram Story — it hit differently, you know? 

You’re no stranger to talking about the real stuff. Beyond the glitz, you’ve been our open book, discussing the rollercoaster of body image in an industry that sometimes thinks Photoshop is a necessary accessory. In the latest chapter of “Why Do Celebs Feel the Need to Explain Stuff We Shouldn’t Care About?” saga, you reminded us all that bodies are meant to change. And, TBH, you don’t owe us anything.

Your ‘then vs now’ reflection on your body? That spoke volumes. To me, at least. 

“Today, I realised I will never look like this again…” followed by, “I’m not perfect, but I am proud to be who I am… sometimes I forget it’s okay to be me.” That’s some raw honesty right there. It’s like you’re speaking our language, reminding us that bodies change, and that’s cool. ‘Cause, it is! 

“I’m Not Perfect, But I Am Proud”


Your words are a reality check in a world that’s often lost in filters and unrealistic ideals. I’ll admit, I’ve been guilty of scrolling through Instagram or TikTok and thinking, “I wish I looked like that.” Your story is a reminder that we’re all on our unique journeys, and that’s the beauty of it.

And let’s talk about how you gracefully handle the curveballs life threw at you—bipolar disorder and lupus. Lupus and its unwelcome symptoms have become part of your story, and your openness about the medication-induced weight fluctuations is shining a light on a reality that needs more discussion.

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In a world that seems obsessed with perfection, your unfiltered truth is like a superhero cape. This isn’t just another celebrity revelation; it’s a shout-out saying, “Love yourself”. Your authenticity is gold, and reminds us that we don’t need to fit into someone else’s idea of perfect.

So, Selena Gomez, big thank you. Thank you for being a voice of courage, a symbol of authenticity, and for making us realise that our bodies are uniquely ours, deserving of love, acceptance, and celebration.

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