“And Just Like That” Is Bringing Carrie’s Other Great Love, Aidan, Back – Here’s a Recap of Their Romance

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And Just Like That” is coming back for its second season on June 22, and one of its buzziest storylines is the highly anticipated return of John Corbett as Aidan Shaw.

In the original “Sex and the City,” Aidan was one of Carrie’s primary love interests, but the pair never could make it work long-term. Could this finally be their chance, or will Aidan’s appearance be something else entirely? Before we see what they’re up to now, let’s revisit how they started.

In What Episode Did Carrie and Aidan Meet?

Aidan is first introduced in the season three episode “No Ifs, Ands, or Butts.” Carrie is relatively fresh off her most recent breakup with Big, who is now married to Natasha. As she tries to put herself back out there, Carrie meets Aidan, a charming and handsome furniture designer. Their meet-cute seems rom-com ready – it even involves a dog, as Aidan agrees to go out with Carrie because his dog likes her and is apparently a good judge of character.

Carrie and Aidan’s Relationship in “Sex and the City” Season 3

For a little while, all is well, and the pair embark on an actual relationship. When Aidan reveals that he has a rule against dating smokers, Carrie even quits smoking (with some bumps along the way, of course). They take their time with the physical side of their relationship, which surprises and, eventually, charms Carrie. She works to overcome some of her self-sabotaging tendencies, although she struggles with big milestones, like when Aidan wants her to meet his parents.

As any “Sex and the City” viewer knows, though, Carrie may be able to quit smoking, but she can’t seem to quit Big. When he returns to her life and tells her how unhappy he and Natasha are, the exes soon begin an affair. Carrie ultimately admits the truth to Aidan, and they break up.

Carrie and Aidan’s Relationship in “Sex and the City” Season 4

In the fourth season, Aidan reappears in Carrie’s life when he opens a bar with Steve, Miranda’s on-and-off boyfriend. There’s some awkward tension at first, but they soon realize that neither of them is really over the other. It’s a rocky start, especially as Aidan becomes emotionally distant when he learns that Carrie and Big are still in touch. Eventually, though, Carrie and Aidan agree to try to move on from the bad things in their past and truly commit to giving their romance another go.

Their relationship keeps getting more serious, and Aidan eventually proposes and moves in with Carrie. Knowing how much she loves her apartment, he even buys it for them, so that they can stay there and expand it for their new life together. As wedding and apartment plans build up, however, Carrie begins feeling intense anxiety and pressure. She wants to take it more slowly, which Aidan initially agrees to. After a black-tie event, Aidan asks Carrie to just ditch the wedding planning and elope. Carrie realizes that part of the reason Aidan is so eager to formally get married is that he still has trust issues over her cheating, and they break up again.

Carrie and Aidan Cross Paths Through the Years

In the original “Sex and the City” series, Carrie and Aidan only cross paths again once more in season six. While avoiding a bad date, Carrie bumps into Aidan. She finds out that he’s married now, to a fellow furniture designer named Kathy, and they have a son, Tate.

Carrie also bumps into Aidan in the “Sex and the City 2” movie, during a period when she and Big are struggling in their marriage. She runs into Aidan at a market in Abu Dhabi, and when he invites her to have dinner, she accepts. They reminisce about old times, she learns that he has since had two more sons, and they even share an impulsive kiss. Carrie runs away immediately and later tells Big about it. She and Big reconcile, and they remain together until his death at the beginning of “And Just Like That.”

Of course, we now know that Abu Dhabi wasn’t the end for Carrie and Aidan! We can’t wait to see what’s next for these iconic characters.

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