14 Sexy Horror Movies Streaming on Netflix That Are Sure to Get Your Blood Pumping

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“Sexy” and “horror” may not be as expected a pairing as peanut butter and jelly, but there are more hot horror movies out there than you may think. And actually, sex and horror have been partners on the screen for a long time. Horror movies have a reputation for using sexuality and sexual experience to label some people as worthy of saving and others as the worthy victims of whatever supernatural entity or vindictive slasher might be on the loose. It’s part of where the term “final girl” comes from – the “final girls” almost always turns down the sex, drugs, and alcohol that her friends partake in, and that’s an element of what saves her at the end of the movie.

But in recent decades, lots of movies have spun the idea of the “final girl” on its head, including the tongue-in-cheek Scream franchise and the porn-themed “X.” And other movies, like “Cam” and “It Follows,” have embraced sex and sensuality wholeheartedly as key pieces of their plot – no moralizing required.

Sexy movies and horror flicks both get your heart rate going, so it only makes sense that combining the two elements makes for an erotically thrilling film. We’ve rounded up the sexiest horror movies streaming on Netflix right now, and believe us when we say watching any of these flicks will have you grabbing for your date’s hand (but whether it’s out of fright or frisson is up to you).

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano and Kalyn Womack

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