All the Sexiest TV Shows on Netflix to Warm You Up This Winter


Cuffing season is well and truly upon us, and while you’re on the search for your cuddle-buddy — or even if you’re happily single — why not feel sexy at home with a steamy TV show?

A well-made steamy show is honestly pretty unbeatable on a chilly night, and watching one can sometimes even be better than experiencing the real thing. I mean, IDK about you, but I’d seriously rather watch some beautifully executed chemistry onscreen than wake up to a disappointing one night stand any day.

So, pour yourself a glass of red wine, grab a fluffy blanket and your favourite sex toy and get stuck into this list of steamiest shows Netflix has to offer you this winter.


Elite (2018)

Sex, money, murder, Spanish accents… what’s not to love? Set in the fictional Las Encinas, an elite school in Madrid, this series revolves around social dynamics between wealthy students and a newcomer trio of working-class students. And, while murder is at the heart of the main storyline, it’s more sexy than dark and scary. From betrayal to forbidden romances, doomed couples to ménage à trois and love triangles — this show has something for everyone.


Sex/Life (2021)

Sex/Life is a super horny, thought-provoking series about a married woman in early motherhood beginning to feel as though she’s losing touch with her younger, more carefree self. She misses the life she used to live and starts fantasising about a past relationship, with all it’s toxic behaviour, heartbreak and erotic sex. We see her go between both lives, trying to choose between them and constantly clashing with her moral compass… but why shouldn’t she have it all?

Bridgerton (2022)

Firstly, if you haven’t seen Bridgerton yet, do yourself a favour by cancelling your plans and watching immediately. Bridgerton is Gossip Girl meets Pride and Predjudice; a modern take on dating in the Regency era in England. It’s brilliantly written, aesthetically divine and a thread of gossip that runs through the entire premise, tying together drama and mystery and scandal, Bridgerton also has some famously sexy scenes. In season one, it’s all about hot-under-the-collar passion, while in season two it’s all will-they-won’t-they and honestly, both are just as horny.


Valeria (2021)

Based on the novels by Elisabet Benavent, Valeria follows a writer in creative and marital crisis, who finds support in her three single friends who are all in the process finding themselves. This series not only captures great, realistic sex, but the overwhelming desire that makes sex so hard to resist in memorable moments. Everyone can relate to the feeling of desperation for intimacy, and Valeria comes pretty close to allowing us to experience the thrills of desire through our screens. It’s a must-watch.


Dark Desire (2022)

Another delicious sex and murder mystery combo, Dark Desire is a bingeable series for more reasons than one. Think a psychological thriller, fuelled with desire, passion and sex. If you’re horny for a murder mystery and desire-fuelled moments, then you won’t be able to stop watching this show.


Easy (2019)

Easy follows the love lives of an interconnected group of friends and strangers in Chicago, and it’s one of the most underrated early entries in Netflix’s original series lineup. Each episode centres around a different couple or individual who is going through something in their sex lives, whether it be a dry spell in a marriage, a couple looking for a threesome on Tinder, the break-up blues, a married couple exploring openness, a queer burlesque dancer fighting with her girlfriend about feminism…. you get the gist. While Easy is overall super well-written and thought-provoking, the sex scenes are horny and relatable.


Feel Good (2021)

Written by comedian Mae Martin about their own grappling with sexuality and addiction, Feel Good is witty, relatable, underrated and horny. It follows Mae, getting into a relationship with George; a woman who’s only ever dated men. It beautifully depicts the difficulties of being vulnerable in a relationship, resisting revealing parts of yourself to the other person in fear of being rejected and of serious commitment. So relatable it hurts (in a good way).


Gossip Girl (2012)

Just in case you didn’t do the almost-necessary re-watch of the OG Gossip Girl during covid lockdowns, I’m here to remind you that it’s still super horny. Manhattan’s elite schoolkids that are super hot, can get away with everything (except that Gossip Girl is watching their every move) and are constantly entangled with each other sexually… it’s pretty tough to not get hooked. If you’ve never watched Gossip Girl before, IDK what to say apart from that I am jealous. The things I’d do to watch GG for the first time again.

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