How Do the Fab Five in “Shooting Stars” Compare to Their Real-Life Counterparts? See Them Side by Side

Everett Collection / Peacock/Courtesy Everett Collection

While almost everyone is familiar with the iconic NBA basketball player LeBron James, you may not be as familiar with the story of his youth or the men who played beside him on his road to NBA stardom. The new movie “Shooting Stars” – which starts streaming on Peacock on June 2 – tells the true story of James’s teenage years playing basketball alongside his childhood friends from Akron, OH – Dru Joyce III, Willie McGee, Sian Cotton, and Romeo Travis – and how they fought against all odds to win a state championship title.

The buzz surrounding “Shooting Stars” was high from the start, and the finished product already has the real-life stars’ approval. At a May 24 screening, the movie’s director, Chris Robinson, said (via People), “They got the rough cut on the computer and [McGee] said that all of the real Fab Five, LeBron, Anthony Davis and a couple other guys from the Lakers were all huddled around a little computer, watched the whole movie because LeBron couldn’t cast it to his TV.” Robinson continued, “He said that LeBron loved it. They loved it. So when the real guys loved it, that was good enough for me.”

The actors that brought the real-life basketball players to life played a massive role in the quality of the film. Ahead, see the onscreen Fab Five side by side with their real-life counterparts.

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