15 Shows Like “Criminal Minds” to Hold You Over Until the Reboot's Premiere

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If you love crime thrillers and procedurals, there are dozens and dozens of shows to choose from – plus spinoffs for many of them! One undisputable icon of the genre, though, is “Criminal Minds.” Originally running for 15 seasons from 2005 to 2020, the CBS drama follows the investigations of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit, dedicated to profiling and analysing the most dangerous “criminal minds” in hopes of stopping the next tragedy before it happens.

Over the years, the show touched on many hot-button and contemporary issues, with some episodes even inspired by real-life events. The focus on behavioural science and criminal motivation has inspired a number of other shows, like “The Mentalist,” “Psych,” and more of your favourite crime dramas and thrillers.

With such a big pop culture footprint, it’s no surprise that “Criminal Minds” is getting the reboot treatment! Just two years after it aired its last episode on CBS, the show is set for a revival on Paramount+. This time, the BAU team will focus on one case per season rather than smaller cases each episode, and many (though not all) of the cast members will be returning.

While we wait for our BAU faves to return, there’s still plenty of TV-watching time to fill! Make the wait go by faster with one of these shows sure to be a new favourite for “Criminal Minds” fans.

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