Smile 2 Is Set to Be the Most Spine-Chilling Movie of the Year — We’re Calling It

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If you thought the eerie grins from Smile left you haunted in 2022, brace yourself because the nightmare is far from over. The first trailer for Smile 2 just dropped, and it’s packed with enough sinister smiles to make anyone’s skin crawl. This sequel promises to delve even deeper into the chilling curse that first gripped audiences two years ago. We all remember this smile, right?

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When the first movie hit cinemas, none of us knew what to expect. Being huge horror fans, it’s rare that a film really gets under our skin. But Smile? That eerie smile, those intense scenes… left us with goosebumps for days. So, when they announced Smile 2, we knew it was going to be seriously creepy. So, what do we know about the sequel so far?

Smile 2 picks up the terrifying tale of the evil curse that drives its victims to madness and death, marked by those unsettlingly sinister smiles. In the original Smile, we followed Sosie Bacon’s character, Rose, as she succumbed to the curse after a harrowing journey through her past traumas. This time around, the curse targets a new victim—global pop sensation Skye Riley, played by Naomi Scott. Scott, who you might recognise from her role as Princess Jasmine in Disney’s live-action Aladdin, takes centre stage as she battles the malevolent force.

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What’s the Smile 2 Plot?

The official synopsis teases a story filled with escalating horrors and the relentless pressures of fame. As Skye Riley embarks on her world tour, she begins experiencing terrifying and inexplicable events. Overwhelmed by horrors, Skye must confront her dark past to regain control before her life spirals into chaos. The first movie hinted that the curse feeds on trauma, so expect Smile 2 to reveal how Skye’s past shapes her terrifying present.

Smile 2 Cast

Fans of the first Smile will be thrilled to see the return of Kyle Gallner, who reprises his role as police officer Joel. The end of Smile left Joel in a dire situation, cursed after witnessing Rose’s tragic end. The trailer for Smile 2 suggests that Joel’s fate is deeply intertwined with Skye’s horrifying journey.

Joining Scott and Gallner are Lukas Gage, known for his roles in Euphoria and The White Lotus, and Rosemarie DeWitt, adding even more star power to the ensemble. Parker Finn returns as writer and director, aiming to capture the same unsettling atmosphere that made the original a breakout hit.

Smile 2 Trailer

The trailer, released in June 2024, offers a chilling glimpse into the sequel’s terror-filled narrative. We see Skye struggling with her mental state as the haunting smiles appear around her. One particularly spine-chilling scene hints at a direct confrontation between Skye and Joel, as they grapple with the curse’s relentless grip. The sinister smiles, the creeping dread, and the psychological torment all make a comeback, promising a film that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

What’s Next?

As we count down the days to October 17, horror fans are eagerly anticipating how Smile 2 will expand on the original’s mythos. Will Skye manage to break free from the curse’s clutches? Or will she, like Rose, fall victim to the trauma-fuelled demon? One thing is certain: Smile 2 will deliver a terrifying experience that lingers long after the credits roll.

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