6 “Stranger Things” Characters Who Died, But Not Really

Netflix / Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection

Every horror fan knows death is inevitable in their favourite franchises. Whether it’s the knife-wielding maniac in a classic slasher flick like Michael Myers in “Halloween” or a supernatural entity taking people out via a curse like “The Ring,” a staple of the horror genre is the kill count.

“Stranger Things,” despite being a show centred around a cast of young children (at least in the earlier seasons, before the pandemic caused a three-year-long hiatus), is no exception. “Stranger Things” might be a bit more tactful with its deaths than your average slasher, but it still proves one crucial point of horror: no one is safe.

Death might be one of the highlights of the genre, but as quickly as a character can die, the very same character can be brought back to life in some capacity, and again, “Stranger Things” is no exception. Let’s take a deep dive into those characters who weren’t quite as dead as they seemed.

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