Everything “Succession” Has Told Us About Tom and Shiv’s Prenup

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The beginning of season four of “Succession” seems to spell the end of the marriage of Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) and Shiv (Sarah Snook). In the episode, viewers learn that Tom and Shiv have had a trial separation for quite some time, coming off of Tom’s betrayal of Shiv and her siblings in the season three finale. In some of the season premiere’s final scenes, the duo agree together that their marriage is over and they gave it a good shot (the latter statement being a bit more debatable to “Succession” viewers). But a divorce comes with financial consequences, and some fans are wondering what’s in Tom and Shiv’s prenup, which was a plot point in season one. Here’s a refresher on what we know.

What’s in Tom and Shiv’s Prenup?

Tom and Shiv marry in the season one finale, and the event is covered in two episodes: the ninth, “Pre-Nuptial,” which shows the rehearsal dinner and the fighting before the day itself, and the 10th, “Nobody Is Ever Missing.” But their conversation about the prenup happens in episode five, the Thanksgiving episode titled “I Went to Market.”

During their talk, Tom jokes with Shiv about his lawyer/mom’s opinion on the document, saying, “She’s got all excited about tiered-share-option tie-ins for my sperm count, and I’m goin’, ‘No, no, no.'” He continues, “But she did notice that re: infidelities, there’s no clause for that.”

“Yeah, we don’t need to do that,” Shiv says dismissively.

“No. ‘Cause that’s not gonna happen,” Tom agrees. But that’s not what Shiv means.

“Right, and if it does, we’re both grown-ups,” Shiv assures him. Tom asks what she means. “Well, I mean, nothing’s gonna happen, but, you know, things happen with travel, so . . .”

Tom nods, aghast. “Yeah, I don’t travel that much,” he says with panic. Shiv says, “Yeah, but the point is, sh*t happens.” Tom is still upset, but Shiv tries to comfort him by saying it won’t happen to them but it does happen generally. Shiv assures him she has not cheated.

Tom’s mom also calls the prenuptial agreement “a little unconscionable,” but Tom signs it anyway, even if he gets screwed over by the terms. That doesn’t seem like a random description. “Unconscionable” is an actual legal standard that could throw out a prenup. Were the “Succession” writers foreshadowing that Tom would have grounds to invalidate the prenup?

Cheating continues to come up for the couple in the days before their wedding. Tom receives a blow job at his bachelor party, and he feels guilty even though Shiv told him it was fine. In the ninth episode, Tom is also feeling stressed about Shiv’s coworker and ex Nate (Ashley Zukerman), who she did, in fact, recently sleep with, and he even asks Shiv if she’s sure she wants to marry him. They ultimately tie the knot but after their wedding, Shiv asks Tom for an open marriage.

Besides the lack of infidelity clause and Tom’s mom’s feeling that it’s unfair, we don’t know what else is in the prenup Tom signs.

What Will Happen After Tom and Shiv Divorce?

In the season four premiere, Tom is obviously very stressed that once he and Shiv split, Logan will remove him from the inner circle of his business dealings. Tom brought Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) with him to Logan’s in-group, but Greg would have the better claim to a seat there, since he’s a cousin. Tom will just be the ex-son-in-law. When he asks Logan (in a roundabout way), he doesn’t get a clear answer.

Then there are the financial ramifications of the divorce. If Shiv and Tom’s prenup doesn’t hold, could he get some of her ownership stake (and some of the money the siblings are trying to use to buy Pierce Media)? Viewers will have to wait and see.

New episodes of “Succession” premiere Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.

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