Fans Think This “TSITP” Easter Egg Reveals Who Belly Ends Up With


Content warning: The following story contains spoilers for the “The Summer I Turned Pretty” Amazon Prime Video series and the book “We’ll Always Have Summer” by Jenny Han.

Following the season two finale of “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” we’re now more curious than ever who Belly will end up with at the end of the Amazon Prime series. If the TV show stays true to the books, Belly and Conrad are endgame, but since there have been several major differences between the two thus far, it’s unclear what author and showrunner Jenny Han has in store for the love triangle in season three. However, book fans and Redditors noticed an Easter egg in the season two finale that hints how the show’s ending will remain loyal to its original story, meaning Belly and Conrad will likely end up together as they do in the books.

In the season two finale, there’s a flashback scene in which Belly visits a sick Susannah in bed, who’s sealing up a stack of letters she’s written. When Laurel moves Susannah’s tray upon Belly’s arrival, the letters and envelopes scatter to the floor, and Laurel quickly picks them up. It’s a brief scene that may not seem significant, but many book fans recognize it as an Easter egg.

In book three, “We’ll Always Have Summer,” Belly and Jeremiah are engaged to be married. We find out that before her death, Susannah wrote letters to Jeremiah, Conrad, Belly, and Steven to read on their respective wedding days. So on Jeremiah’s big day, Conrad gives Jeremiah his letter from Susannah. When Jeremiah opens the letter, he discovers it was actually addressed to Conrad, revealing that Conrad was always in love with Belly. A fight ensues between the boys, which ultimately leads to Jeremiah and Belly’s breakup. By the end of the book, Conrad and Belly get back together.

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Fans believe the letter mix-up scene in the season two finale is Han’s way of showing viewers the letters will come back into play in future episodes. If that was her intention, Belly and Jeremiah will likely split up, leaving room for Belly and Conrad to eventually reunite. While it’s certainly a strong theory, Han could also steer the story into a different direction. As Christopher Briney, who plays Conrad, recently told POPSUGAR, anything could happen. “I think it’s Jenny. . . . She could do whatever!” he said.

Luckily, “TSITP” has officially been renewed for season three, so Team Conrad and Team Jeremiah fans will soon have an answer once and for all.

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