Here’s Why the New Superman and Lois Is the Most Relatable Version Yet

superman and lois

The story of Lois Lane and Clark Kent is one of the most widely known stories of our generation.

Two budding reporters meet at The Daily Planet. One is an award-winning journalist, while the other is harbouring a secret. He’s Superman.

In the CW’s Superman and Lois, a new series in the popular Arrowverse, fans of the superhero watch the pair as parents to not one, but two teenage boys.

“When we were initially pitched the idea of doing the spin-off, what Tyler (Hoechlin) and I were attracted to was not only working with each other but at its core, was a real family drama,” star of the series, Elizabeth Tulloch told POPSUGAR Australia during an interview.

“I loved the idea of them having twin teenagers because I just feel like, I remember being a teenager, and it’s just so complicated, and just, you’re insane. You’re so hormonal and you’re trying to figure out who you are.”

In this new iteration, which is now streaming on BINGE in Australia, Tulloch reprises her role opposite Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin — parts they both played before in Crisis of Infinite Earth — and if you’re looking for some serious chemistry, it is palpable.

The series follows the couple as they deal with the stress, pressures, and complexities that come with being working parents in today’s society, something that is relatable to fans who have grown up with the infamous story.

“They’re going through the same kinds of things other parents are going through. Lost jobs, teens with anxiety disorder, hormonal teens who are talking back and moving back to a city that has been abandoned and that is a shell of what it was. It’s barren because people move away because they don’t have money and they have to put food on the table,” Tulloch said.

“It’s timely going back and just seeing all these families struggling due to the global pandemic.”

For Hoechlin, Superman wasn’t a role he grew up knowing much about, however, one glance at him and you know he was born to play this role.

“I never saw any of the films, I think I saw maybe two or three episodes of Lois and Clark with my mum at some point back in the day, but that was that was really it,” Hoechlin admitted during the interview.

“I think once I knew I was going to do it, I very intentionally stayed away from anything. For me, it’s just so much easier to come to work and be able to act on instinct.”

Watch Superman and Lois, now streaming on BINGE and below for our exclusive interview with Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch!

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