How Should a Swimsuit Really Fit? We Talked to the Experts

Unsplash / Jakob Owens

I have two older sisters, Cindy and Dezré. Cindy, like me, is pear shaped. Dezré’s body is what you would call rectangular shaped. We often wonder if women have body image issues because we’re constantly being compared to food or shapes. Suffice it to say, relationships with our bodies can be complicated and swimsuit shopping can be a headache, especially in 2020 when the majority of our shopping is done online (by the way, there are pros to online swim shopping: you get to avoid poor dressing room lighting and overwhelming sales floor associates creating pressure to decide on a suit right then and there.)

Whether you’re shopping online or in store, it’s imperative you know your perfect fit. Thankfully, despite each shopper’s unique body and experience, there are a couple of universal practices that swim experts swear by. Read on for the advice straight from swim designers, buyers, and merchandisers to discover how you should shop to find your best fit.

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