Cam and Tayla’s Sexting Scandal Rocks the MAFS Reunion Dinner Party

Cam and Tayla's Sexting Scandal Rocks the MAFS Reunion Dinner Party
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It’s been a month since the “MAFS” experiment ended and the cast has returned for a drama-filled reunion dinner party. We saw the only two successful couples, Melinda and Layton and Tahnee and Ollie, return. But it was the failed couples who caused a stir.

Lyndall, who had a tumultuous relationship with Cam on the show, had heard some juicy rumours.

Here’s the tea. Apparently, Cam had been sexting with another bride, Tayla. Lyndall was on a mission to get to the truth, and she wasn’t afraid to call her ex ‘husband’ out in front of everyone.

As the party got underway, the tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. Finally, Melinda brought up the elephant in the room. She asked Cameron point-blank about the alleged sexting with Tayla.

Cam tried to brush it off as harmless flirting at first, but the table wasn’t buying it.

“After the final vows, I went back home and was having a bit of friendly banter with Tayla. It was just back-and-forth text, it was nothing serious. It was just a friendly chat,” he said.

“If you call that sexting, f***ing sorry, I’ve sexted. I don’t see why this is a big issue because what happens outside the experiment is not really anyone’s concern.”

Lyndall chimed in, detailing numerous weird comments he made throughout the experiment that “make sense” now.

MAFS' Cam and Tayla's Sexting Scandal Rocks the Dinner Party
Channel 9

“It is a bit of a concern if you are the person matched with Cam and he made several weird comments throughout the experiment,” she admitted. “And I witnessed several weird things from Tayla that never really made any sense until this sexting thing was brought to my attention.”

She even dropped the bomb about Cam allegedly making jokes about having “threesomes” with the women in the experiment.

After Cam denied any wrongdoing, Tayla finally let the cat out of the bag. She admitted that they’re friends but she has, in fact, seen his “willy”. 

“I don’t see what the f***ing issue is. I was naked in a nightclub in front of every other man and his dog,” Cam fumed.

“… That’s where I’m leaving it because no matter what you say, quite frankly, I don’t give a f**k anyway.” 

The revelation left the rest of the group shocked and disgusted. And the drama was too much for Lyndall, who was devastated by the news.

“Married At First Sight” continues Monday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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