The Clever Tactic Swifties Are Using to Snag Tickets to Taylor Swift’s Australian Tour

taylor swift australian tour

The sheer determination of Aussie Swifties is reaching new heights as they gear up for yet another wave of Taylor Swift tickets. Yep, it’s the great war again, as thousands of fans prepare to snag tickets to her sold-out Eras Tour next year. The secret weapon in their arsenal? Airtasker, a company that outsources everyday tasks, to ensure they don’t miss out on seeing the pop singer next year.

Back in June, when the first batch of Eras Tour tickets dropped, thousands of fans missed out on tickets. However, some fans looked for some extra help. We’re talking about people forking out up to $200 to digitally queue, ensuring their front-row seat to the Eras Tour. And guess what? The tactic worked like a charm, prompting a déjà vu as the second release approaches.

Fans Go to Great Lengths to Score Tickets to her Australian Tour

Since the news dropped of more tickets being released for her Australian tour, fans have wasted no time in getting more hands on deck. Meet Amy, a die-hard Swiftie ready to drop $250 to secure her golden ticket. Then there’s Belle, dreaming of four G section tickets, willing to dish out $50 to a Tasker who’s got the digital queue game on lock. And let’s not forget Colin, the strategic mastermind, shelling out $100 to assemble a dream team of Taskers at his office, all hands on deck to snag those elusive tickets.

taylor swift australian tour airtasker
taylor swift australian tour airtasker
taylor swift australian tour airtasker

Taskers pulled off ticket-securing miracles, and now, with the second release on the horizon, the Swiftie community is putting their faith in the company once again.

So, as the excitement builds and Swifties across Australia band together with their Taskers, one thing’s for sure – when it comes to Taylor Swift tickets, there’s no challenge too great, no digital queue too long. The Eras Tour is calling, and Aussie Swifties are ready to answer in style.

Tickets go on sale at 10am for Sydney and 4pm for Melbourne via the Ticketek website until allocations are exhausted.

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