Fans are Boycotting “Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour” Movie — Here’s Why

taylor swift eras tour

Alright, folks, gather ’round because Taylor Swift is about to bless us with “The Eras Tour Movie“, and it’s causing some serious chatter among the Swifties. You know, the tour that takes us on a rollercoaster through ten eras and 17 years of Taylor’s epic music journey? Yeah, that one. It’s hitting cinemas, even for us Aussies, this Friday.

But since Swift is yet to bring her Eras Tour Down Under, it’s got fans all over the planet wondering whether they should see the movie before catching Taylor live in concert.

Here’s What Fans are Saying About “The Eras Tour Movie”

taylor swift eras tour movie

One Reddit user ignited a discussion on the topic by posing a critical question: “Will the Eras Tour Movie ruin the concert experience?” This query resonated with many fans, who shared their opinions and reservations.

“I am not going to the movie before the concert, and to be honest, I think I’ll probably wait for it to be on streaming (preference),” one user replied.

Another fan added, “Yeah, I’m saving myself for the live experience (have seen some clips, so I’m going in like 75% blind). Watching the film in a theatre is probably the best possible way to see the film, but I’m totally fine with skipping it and maybe returning to it when it’s on streaming. To approach the film like a well-captured footage of a memory.”

“I’ve not watched any of the clips on TikTok, (only the surprise songs occasionally) and I don’t think I’ll see it in theaters. It’ll definitely become available on streaming at one point, so I’ll just watch it there after the concert next year,” another fan reasoned.

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Others Believe It Won’t Spoil the Experience

Despite these reservations, some fans remain undeterred, believing that the Eras Tour movie won’t detract from the live experience and that they don’t want to miss out on the cinema experience.

One fan reassured fellow Swifties, saying, “Absolutely won’t ruin it for you. Might even make it better since you’ll know what’s coming! Also, the vibes from being in a concert venue are soooo different than seeing it on a screen. You’ll be fine.”

Another fan echoed this sentiment, stating, “In my opinion, no. Watching it live obviously is a surreal experience. The euphoria. Adrenaline. Thousands of emotions and screaming fans can’t compare to a cinema screen… But we’ll also get to see details and facial expressions that we might have missed watching it live.”

So, there you have it, the great debate among Swifties! To watch the Eras Tour Movie before the live concert or not – it’s a personal choice, and every fan has their own take on it. But us? We’ve already got our tickets pre-booked, which you can also do here.

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