Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Sydney Review: No One Could Have Prepared Me for This


You know, walking into Accor Stadium for Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour felt like stepping into a whole new world of Swift-mania. Sydney was definitely in its Taylor Swift era, and I was right in the middle of it. I mean, who hasn’t seen those dazzling outfits and clips on Instagram and TikTok, right? But let me tell you, seeing it in person was a whole different ballgame.

Now, I’ve been to a Swift concert before, back during the “1989” tour in 2015 which, yes, is way too long between seeing the singer. I’ve been a Swiftie for years. My poor partner can attest to that, with her songs on repeat during every car ride. But nothing, absolutely nothing, prepared me for the emotional rollercoaster of the Eras Tour.

Australia went wild trying to snag tickets for this tour — four million people, can you believe it? I was one of those hopefuls stuck in that never-ending Ticketek queue. Hours spent refreshing, only to come out empty-handed every time. Let me tell you, the disappointment hit hard. So when I finally got my hands on those coveted tickets, it felt surreal.


Inside the stadium, the atmosphere was electric. As my fellow Swiftie pal and I took our seats, everywhere I looked, there were fans rocking their best Eras-inspired outfits — gold fringes, a sea of pink, bedazzled bodysuits, you name it — while trading friendship bracelets like it was second nature.

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The Journey Begins

Then, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Taylor Swift graces the stage, looking like a total queen in her sparkly pink and blue bodysuit (my fave). The energy in the stadium was palpable, and belting out songs alongside thousands of fellow Swifties? Pure magic. It’s moments like these that remind us why we fell in love with Taylor’s music in the first place.

And, TBH, you wouldn’t believe she’s done dozens of shows already — Swift pours her heart and soul into every performance, matching the energy of the crowd with genuine gratitude and grace. It’s truly remarkable how she maintains her energy night after night, taking us on a journey through the highlights of her career. Whether it’s a poignant moment, a joyful celebration, a tender ballad, or even a touch of witchy magic from the Evermore era, Swift keeps us hooked from start to finish. And yes, I definitely got emotional during “Majorie”.


After the song, there was a special moment between Taylor and the crowd. She opened up about the significance of “Majorie”, dedicated to her late grandmother, and expressed her gratitude for the fans’ support. It’s moments like these that make the Eras Tour feel like more than just a concert — it’s a shared experience, a connection forged through music. And as the arena lit up with fans’ flashlights, it was like a collective hug to Taylor.

“One of my favourite things about this tour is how you guys are incredibly creative,” she said in front of her piano.

“You kinda create traditions and you’re so connected to fans all over the world. That’s a song about my grandmother Majorie who passed away when I was 13, and she was a singer. It really means a lot for you to do such nice things. Sometimes you just get me.”

The Moment We’ve Waited For

But you know what I really love? That acoustic surprise song section. It’s like a little gift from Swift to us fans. She plays two acoustic songs from her 10 studio albums — ones that are not on her main setlist. But lately, she’s been mixing things up by mashing songs together instead of playing them straight.

“You know we love your accents, but I have a very specific word that is my favourite,” Swift said during her acoustic set before uttering “no” in the Aussie accent, “naur”.

Two Mashup Songs, Are You Kidding?

She then performed “You Should’ve Said No” from her debut album on the guitar as a mashup with “You’re Not Sorry” from “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”. Next she did a mashup of “New Year’s Day” from “Reputation” and “Peace” from “Folklore” on the piano. I’m sorry, WHAT?!

And that’s the beauty of a Taylor Swift concert, isn’t it? You never know what she’s going to do next, but you can bet it’s going to be epic. It’s moments like these that make the Eras Tour so special, and why Swift will always be queen of the stage.

The concert wraps up with the Midnights era, and Taylor Swift and her dancers are just a blur of rainbow tinsel onstage as they finish off with “Karma”.

Basking In the Afterglow

Now, there’s literally glitter on the floor after the party, and Taylor has said her goodbyes, you’d think that post-concert depression would hit right away, but it doesn’t. Instead, there’s this buzz of excitement and happiness as you shuffle out with the rest of the fans. Sure, your feet might be killing you, but trust me, it’s worth every ache when you’re still beaming from the whole experience.

The best night of our lives might be over, but the vibe after a Taylor Swift concert is something else. You’re walking out, and you can still hear Swifties laughing and swapping stories. It’s like this shared high that sticks with you for ages.


That’s the magic of a Taylor Swift concert, isn’t it? It’s not just about the music (though that’s obviously a big part of it). It’s about the whole experience, the sense of community she creates. Taylor is literally the mastermind behind it all.


You know what blows my mind? How one person like Taylor Swift can touch the lives of millions of fans around the world. I had pretty high expectations going in, but Taylor didn’t just meet them — she totally smashed them out of the park. I mean, I thought I was a big Swiftie before, but after that concert? I’m officially obsessed, mesmerised, and just completely in awe of her.

It’s insane to think about the lengths people went to just to catch a glimpse of Taylor doing her thing onstage. Folks from all over the place, from different states, countries, you name it, they were all there, soaking up every moment of her incredible performance.

So, Taylor, I had the time of my life with you! Your performance wasn’t just a show; it was a full-blown experience that’s etched into my heart forever. Thank you for giving us something truly unforgettable, something that’ll be talked about for years to come.

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