How Gracie Abrams Went From a Fan to Collaborating with Taylor Swift on Her New Album


If you’re a Swiftie, you’ve probably dreamed of somehow making the leap from being a fan to actually befriending Taylor Swift. Well, for 24-year-old singer Gracie Abrams, that fantasy is her reality.

Gracie counts Taylor not just as a friend, but also as a mentor. She even had the incredible experience of opening for the year’s most talked-about concert, The Eras Tour.

Now that Gracie has released her latest single, Us, featuring a collaboration with Taylor, let’s delve into the charming story of how their friendship blossomed. This track could easily become our new favourite song.

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Inside Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams’ Friendship

December 2021: The Unexpected Invitation

Gracie Abrams’ first meeting with Taylor Swift is a dream scenario for any fan. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Abrams revealed that Swift reached out from an unknown number to invite her to a birthday party. Understandably cautious, Abrams checked with a mutual producer to make sure it was real. “Can you confirm something for me, or is someone just trying to break my heart?” she asked.

April 2023: Opening Act for The Eras Tour

Almost two years later, Gracie Abrams found herself living the dream as the opening act for the North American leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

Abrams described her time on the Eras Tour as the most “incredible experience of [her] life”. She explained to Variety that having the routine for four months profoundly affected her, enhancing her overall happiness and influencing the music she created during that period.

July 2023: A Special On Stage Duet

Three months into the tour, bad weather led to the cancellation of Abrams’ opening set. However, Swift, ever the supportive friend, invited her onstage to perform a duet of I miss you, I’m sorry.

May 2024: A Collaboration Unveiled

Abrams announced the track list for her upcoming album, The Secret of Us, revealing a song titled Us with a special collaboration from Swift.

June 2024: A Fiery Collaboration

The singer reminisced about her collaboration with Taylor Swift ahead of the release, recounting an eventful songwriting session. The evening began with dinner, wine, and a mutual preview of their upcoming albums, The Tortured Poets Department and The Secret Of Us.

“Something caught our attention simultaneously,” Abrams recalled to Billboard. “We rushed to the piano and began crafting this song… It’s something I used to daydream about as a child.”

During their creative session, Abrams heard a loud thud in Swift’s New York apartment. At first, they thought it was just one of Swift’s cats causing mischief. But as they investigated further, they found out it was actually a fallen candle that had set Swift’s kitchen island on fire. Luckily, Swift acted fast and grabbed a fire extinguisher to put out the flames before things got out of hand.

In a video posted to X (formerly Twitter) by Abrams, Swift scrambles to find her fire extinguisher to douse a flaming object on her kitchen counter.

“I think we’re gonna die,” Swift can be heard joking in the video as she readies the extinguisher.

“No, we’re not gonna die,” Abrams laughed in response.

June 2024: Taylor and Gracie Sing Us at the Eras Tour

During Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour show on Sunday at London’s Wembley Stadium, she brought Gracie Abrams onstage. Abrams, who opened for Swift last summer, just released her second album, The Secret of Us, featuring their collaboration on the track Us. Swift mentioned the song came from a night of chatting and wine, turning Abrams’ life stories into music. Swift played the guitar while Abrams played piano during their performance.

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