Sydney, Are You Ready? Everything to Know Before Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour


With three sold-out shows at the Melbourne’s MCG, Taylor Swift left a trail of memories and melodies in her wake, bidding adieu to her adoring fans who serenaded her both inside the stadium and beyond its gates. Now, Taylor Swift is bringing her Eras Tour to Sydney.

The anticipation is palpable as the Sydney leg of the Eras tour prepares to kick off at Accor Stadium this Friday night, promising four incredible shows.

Gather ’round as we delve into everything you need to know about the concert before it all kicks off in Sydney. From what time to arrive to snagging that coveted Eras Tour merch, let’s dive in.

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Taylor Swift In Sydney: Everything You Need to Know

Can I Grab Merch Before the Concert?

First things first let’s talk merchandise. Because let’s be real, what’s a Taylor Swift concert without some epic merch to commemorate the occasion? You’ll have the chance to score some goodies at the presale event happening from Wednesday, February 21 to Thursday 22.

Head on over to the merch stand located at the corner of Olympic Boulevard and Dawn Fraser Avenue to snag your swag. And don’t worry if you miss out on the presale there will still be external merch stands open from 12 pm on concert days.

You can find out more details about how to secure merch here.

How to Get to the Stadium

Let’s talk logistics. We all know that getting to the venue is half the battle, and we know the crowds are going to be insane. As of right now, public transport is your best bet, and lucky for us, it’s included with our tickets. Just keep an eye out for any disruptions, especially if you’re planning to hop on the train.

And if you’re driving (RIP), remember to pre-book your parking spot spaces are limited, and you don’t want to be stuck circling the block while Taylor’s hitting the stage.

What Time Does Taylor Swift Come On?

Okay, so you’ve got your merch, you’ve made it to the venue now what? Well, my friends, timing is everything. Doors open at 4.30 pm, but don’t stress about lining up early. Since all seats are reserved, there’s no need to camp out for a prime spot. Sabrina Carpenter will kick things off at 6.30pm, followed by the queen herself, Taylor Swift, after 7pm. If Melbourne is anything to go by, Taylor came on at 7.30pm every night.

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What Can You Bring?

Before you head out the door, let’s do a quick bag check. Bags smaller than an A4 piece of paper are good to go, and don’t forget to make sure your phone is charged and ready to go you’ll need it to access your tickets. Oh, and speaking of phones, portable chargers are fair game as long as they’re not bigger than your device.

Now, let’s talk about friendship bracelets a staple among Swifties everywhere. Yes, you heard right, trading these colourful tokens of friendship is totally allowed! However, you can only bring in bracelets that fit snugly on your wrists. And as much as we’d love to deck ourselves out with every accessory under the sun, it’s important to note that carabiners and d-rings won’t make the cut. So, leave those keychains and hooks behind.

Professional photography equipment, including GoPros, tripods, selfie sticks, and drones, won’t be making an appearance inside the venue. Neither will large signs, so opt for smaller, handheld signs instead.

With Taylor Swift finally in Sydney and all the details sorted, we’re so keen for the pop star’s four sold-out concerts.

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