Swifties, Wordle (Taylor's Version) Just Dropped

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Image Source: Getty / Taylor Hill / FilmMagic

Taylordle is about to be the new buzzword of 2022. In response to the viral success of Wordle, created by software engineer Josh Wardle, Swifties have taken the word game and created six rows of blank spaces to be filled with everything from lyrics to the names of Swift’s ex-lovers. The “Holy Swift” podcast launched Taylordle, aka Wordle (Taylor’s Version), on Jan. 28, replacing regular dictionary words with terms straight out of the “Swiftie universe.” “Swift,” “Style,” “Lover,” “Exile,” “Alwyn,” the possibilities are as endless as our preemptive love for “Karma,” the unreleased album we’ve all been waiting for.

Like the original game, the boxes in the Taylordle game turn gray when a letter isn’t part of the puzzle, yellow when a letter is part of the word but in the wrong spot, and green when a letter is exactly where it should be. Do we wish they turned aqua blue (“Taylor Swift”) or violet (“Speak Now”) or cotton-candy pink (“Lover”) to match her album covers? A little bit. But the fact that this game exists gives us all the more reason to get hyped about Swift on a daily basis, so we will not be shaking it off anytime soon. Get a sneak peek at the game interface ahead, and play Taylordle here to start your Swiftie gaming streak.

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