Does the “Ted Lasso” Finale Set Up a Spinoff? What We Know About the Show’s Future

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The question on everyone’s mind is what’s going on with “Ted Lasso“? Season three ended with an extra-long final episode on May 31 that sees Ted (Jason Sudeikis) return to America and reunite with his son. But the rest of the AFC Richmond gang stay behind in London, continuing their lives that revolve around the beloved football team.

Though “Ted Lasso”‘s cast and creator have acted as if season three is the final lap for the series – especially after their farewell-esque finale – Apple has not yet confirmed the latest episode as the series finale. Lots of fans are wondering if “Ted Lasso” will one day return for a season four or if the show could have a potential spinoff. Here’s what we know about all the possibilities.

Is “Ted Lasso” Ending?

Sudeikis and the show’s other creators have been pretty vocal about their Apple TV+ series only running for three seasons. Back in March, Sudeikis told Deadline, “This is the end of this story that we wanted to tell, that we were hoping to tell, that we loved to tell.” The final episode of season three also seemed pretty final, with an extended montage showing the Richmond crew’s lives in a small time jump.

The day the finale premiered, actor Brett Goldstein (who also served as a writer on the series) wrote an emotional Instagram caption that definitely seemed like a goodbye message. “Ted Lasso was a truly magical experience. A show about love, made with love, by the funniest, most beautiful and kindest people on the planet,” he wrote in part. Goldstein added, “Ted Lasso changed my life in every conceivable way. I will always feel grateful for it. . . . I learned so much, I laughed all the time and I made friends for life. I will cherish it always. It’s been fxxxing wonderful.”

Is “Ted Lasso” Getting a Spinoff?

Sudeikis addressed the spinoff buzz back in March. When asked if there’s room for an extension of “Ted Lasso” during an interview on “The Jess Cagle Show,” he said, “I think there absolutely is.”

“I’m interpreting that question as, ‘Is there enough soup to feed more people?’ Yes,” the series star and cocreator continued. “But sometimes we just wanna make a new soup.” Despite his comments, Sudeikis didn’t exactly confirm a spinoff. “I don’t know, but I believe that there’s enough juice left in the Richmond orange, if you will, to squeeze out stuff,” he added. “It’s just, you know, we’re still squeezing the season three orange.”

What Would a “Ted Lasso” Spinoff Be About?

As for the show itself, there are a lot of plots it could still cover, including Roy, Jamie, and Keeley’s complicated love triangle; Colin’s journey as a gay footballer; and the next chapter of Rebecca’s life. But probably the biggest thing set up by the season three finale is Keeley and Rebecca’s quest to start a woman’s team for AFC Richmond.

A new series about AFC Richmond’s brand-new women’s side could bring back those two characters while introducing a new slate of players and coaches. But for now, “Ted Lasso” fans will just have to wait and see what the future holds.

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