Intruder Alert: Teejay Steams Up the “Big Brother” House

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Big Brother” has only just started and it’s already been a wild ride. In the first week, we bid farewell to a couple of housemates and now, Teejay is strutting in as an Intruder.

Teejay’s not your run-of-the-mill participant. Hailing from Brisbane, he’s a fusion of Indian and Greek heritage, and boy, does he stand out. Charisma oozes from this guy, but it’s not just about the looks. Teejay’s strategy game is fire. Whether it was on the footy field back in his AFL days or in his current business hustle, he’s all about tactics.

Teejay Enters the “Big Brother” House

As a former footy pro, Teejay’s competitive nature isn’t something to trifle with. That same fire? He’s channelling it straight into the “Big Brother” house. His game plan is sharp, calculated, and oh-so strategic. This house is his chessboard, not just reality TV. He’s all about logic, detached decisions, and playing to win.

What’s more? Teejay’s recently single and isn’t here just for the laughs. He’s on the lookout for someone truly exceptional. He’s ready to roll up his sleeves and put in the effort to build a connection that’s genuinely out of this world. Brace yourselves, folks, because Teejay’s ready to throw some game-changing twists into the “Big Brother” house!

“Big Brother Australia” airs Monday — Thursday at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus. A weekly episode of “Big Brother Uncut” airs exclusively on 7Plus following the Thursday episode. 

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