Tessa Thompson Kisses Another Man Post-Throuple And Honestly, This Party Energy Is Iconic


We haven’t even finished feeling excited over Taika Waititi, Rita Ora and Tessa Thompson’s sexy throuple energy that has been erupting all over Twitter, and now, new photos have surfaced of Thompson kissing an Australian male model on the same day.

The aforementioned Australian male model, was Zac Stenmark, signed to IMG Models and WME Worldwide alongside his twin brother Jordan Stenmark.

Honestly, this is 100% the kind of energy we’re here for.

Seen through photos published to an article on Page Six, Thompson and Stenmark appear to be going for a flirty walk, with paparazzi capturing lots of laughter, romantic ‘looks’ and many a make-out sesh.

I guess this squashes theories of Thompson being in a throuple with pop star Rita Ora and New Zealand film director Taika Waititi, as Twitter-users were speculating after photos of the three celebrities sharing three-way kisses and drinks together made their way onto social media on Sunday.

That isn’t to say that there is no relationship there. We live in a world that (mostly) encourages us to be open-minded and free to explore our own sexuality without the opinion of others. The photos that have come of one particularly saucy day in Sydney, could be the product of new seriously relationships, just as much as they could be photos of young beautiful people having fun and being flirty.

Both are totally okay and tbh, I’m jealous.

Other Australian news sources have taken these new photos of Thompson and Stenmark as a reason to disregard the three-way vibes between Ora, Thompson and Waititi, saying that the kisses were just a “joke among friends”.

All you have to do is dig a little further to uncover an idea of what went down. Photos published in this Express Digest article, clearly show that Stenmark was actually there during Ora, Thompson and Waititi’s kiss. Although he isn’t shown to be involved in their three-way energy, he is very much present and engaging with the party.

To me, this looks like the kind of situation that would be incredibly fun if you were a super sexy, talented and single celebrity, like Tessa Thompson. She was hanging out with a bunch of other super talented, sexy people and there were vibes all round.

In fact, I can say that I’ve been to parties, or had moments like that before and they’re goddamn fun. If anyone was to take a snap of me in just one of those moments and look at it singularly, they could absolutely create an entire story that’s probably way less complicated if given context.

We might never know what happened at this star-studded, sexually-fuelled fiesta, or why we weren’t invited. But we can cheer from the sidelines as Tessa Thompson shows all of us how to be a sexually confident, independent woman in the spotlight.

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