13 “That ’70s Show” Easter Eggs Hidden in “That ’90s Show”

“That ’70s Show” Easter Eggs Hidden in “That ’90s Show”
Everett Collection / Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection

Hello (again), Wisconsin! “That ’90s Show” is officially here, bringing us back to Point Place more than 15 years after the finale of “That ’70s Show.” A new generation of teenagers – including the kids of a few of the original characters – take their own turn in the basement to figure out life, love, friendship, and a lot of ridiculous sticky situations.

Although the story is new, there’s plenty to love for fans of the original series. Many of the original cast members make appearances, from recurring roles to quick cameos. Even more fun are the Easter eggs scattered throughout, calling back to some of the most memorable moments and running jokes from “That ’70s Show.” If you’ve watched through the first season of “That ’90s Show” (or don’t mind a few minor spoilers), read on to see if you caught all of these references and throwbacks to the original!

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