Forget Jimmy, The Bachelorette’s Pets Will Steal Your Heart

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What’s life without having a furry four-legged friend by your side? 

Whether you prefer cats or dogs, we can all agree that animals make the best companions.

This is why we asked the ladies of The Bachelor to share a little anecdote about their special family member, and boy did they deliver.

You may know quite a bit about their mums, but now it’s time to learn more about them. Here are the pets of The Bachelor ladies.

Carlie and Abigail

“I’ve had Abi since she was a tiny puppy. She’s now 5 and a half. Abi is definitely my little shadow and my bestie. I don’t know what I’d do without her! Her hobbies include swimming at the beach, chasing birds and eating charcoal chicken.”

Brooke, Jagger and Leila Girl

“Jagger is the baby, she’s got way too much confidence for her size, she suffers from small dog syndrome. She will go up to anybody and put her trust in them. The scariest moment was when she went up to a husky and tried to start a fight … Jagger stop! You’re ridiculous girl. She’s extremely bossy, and takes after her owner (she’s a dairy queen — she loves ice-cream and milk).  

“Leila Girl is the older sister. She hates photos and will stare at Jagger most of the time. She is very protective and will lick Jagger to death. She loves morning cuddles and she’s a massive foodie! She goes by the logic: I only love my own family. She does not like other people and other dogs. She gets shy and hides behind my legs or will stand next to Jagger. She’s so obedient and will only play with Jagger. Typical big sis. ”

Rebekah and Menina

“Menina loves to kill rats and bring them back as presents .”

Stevie, Lenny and Porscha

“I rescued Porscha and Lenny three years ago. They were on a puppy farm being used for breeding. They both were in terrible condition when first rescued but I have since rehabilitated them both to now beautiful loving doggies. ”

Lily and Pixie Jean

“Pixie Jean loves the dog beach, and is as fussy with her puppacinos as I am with coffee! Her boyfriend is a sausage dog called Henry.”

Ashleigh and Gilbert

“Here’s a photo of the birthday party I threw him at the dog park. Most of the guests were humans but he didn’t mind. His boyfriend is a border collie called Lewie, they have play dates a few times a week. He is super clingy and never lets me out of his sight at home. He is also the most loyalest (sic) boi and sits at the front window all day every day waiting for me to come home whenever I leave the house. 

“Gilly loves belly scratches and playing fetch late at night, but never at a convenient hour. He also likes making TikTok videos in his spare time.”

Laura and Billie

“My dog is a toy poodle called Billie! She is 2 years old and I got her in 2018! When I first got her, she was so small and sweet, I simply could not bear to leave her at home … so I would go out shopping with her sitting in a soft lined bag with her little head poked out of the top. She would literally just fall asleep in there and her sleepy little head was just visible, but most people never even noticed she was in there!” 

Tahnee, Luna and Duke

“Duke is 3 and a half, Luna is 2.

“They’re literally the most beautiful, adorable, naughty little sausages you’ll ever meet. They couldn’t be more different but they complement each other so well, it’s so sweet watching them together. Duke is like this wise but timid old man who runs away from his own shadow and Luna is this high energy little ratbag who would take on a Great Dane if given the chance. We call her a trashy girl cause she’s always getting into mischief and eats bird poo. 

“They’re both so affectionate and will never sit by themselves. If you’re sitting on the couch, they MUST be on your lap, pushing their head into your face forcing you to kiss them. It’s adorable. Whenever I spend time at my sister’s they sleep with me but this entails them sleeping under the blanket — one alongside my torso and the other behind my legs making it impossible to move all night but I can’t help but be completely fine with it because I love them so much. Luna is especially intuitive as well, she always knows if I’m upset and won’t leave me alone. ”

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